Letter to Oregon senators about the EPA

12 Feb



Dear Senator,

Please do all you can to prevent that lunatic Scott Pruitt from taking over the EPA. When Nixon (yes, I know, of all people) started the EPA, the initials stood for “Environmental Protection Agency.” When Georgie Porgy squatted in the White House, it turned into “Environmental Persecution Agency.” This would happen again if Scott Pruitt, who doesn’t even believe in climate change as it unfolds right in front of his face, were to take over the EPA. Actually, we would have to rename it the “EDA: the Environmental Destruction Agency.” Pruitt hates the planet (perhaps he’s not from Earth); wishes to do away with the EPA (so I guess it would just… cease to exist before we could rename it EDA); and keeps suing the EPA; and has fossil fuel connections. With that in mind, nobody could be a worst candidate. The cat who just knocked over my stationery would be a better candidate. One of the mallards I saw splashing and swimming in flood water would be a better candidate; at least they respect the environment.


Susan E Wigget

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