Postcard Avalanche Messages

15 Mar

During the post card/Ides of March party, the purpose of which was to overwhelm the White House with postcards arriving all at the same time, I was one of many who started out addressing them directly to Donald Dump but also wrote a few to my senators and representative, the politicians to whom I typically write. Unlike Dump, they are interested in what their constituents say, at the very least because they want to be re-elected.

I wrote a total of fourteen post cards. The following are some messages that I typed first:

Your actions are overtly racist, anti-Semitic, Islamaphobic, and xenophobic, therefore not representing the United States, a country that has been called the melting plot and for which France made the Statue of Liberty, a statue for the purpose of welcoming immigrants. Muslin Ban is unconstitutional.

It is clear that by choosing Scott Pruit you are attempting to destroy the EPA and therefore planet Earth, which makes me wonder if you really were born on this planet. You need to show us your birth certificate, not just your tax records.

Saying yes to the Dakota Pipeline is environmentally destructive in addition to racist and dismissive of popular opinion.

Your inept choices of nominations and your actions since your inauguration–indeed, just the first week of office—indicate that you’re attempting to destroy the United States. This country certainly needed change when the electoral college elected you, but your kind of change is the opposite of what we need.

We need the ACA, Planned Parenthood, and Medicaid. Just because the only people you see as human beings are wealthy white males doesn’t mean it’s okay to take away the rights of women, people of color, immigrants, and poor people. That includes the right to healthcare.

You gaslighted Americans by making up a bizarre and transparently racist and slanderous story about Obama not being a legal American, and you banned brown foreigners from predominantly Islamic countries from entering the U. S., yet you show flagrant disregard for people who really are Native to this country, by signing in favor of environmentally destructive pipelines through Native land. You’re a white male supremacist.

Today is Albert Einstein’s birthday. He was a civil rights activist, a vegetarian, and a peace activist, and he was a German Jew. He was a compassionate person, unlike you. You’ve inspired acts of anti-Semitic hate and have expressed no concern about these acts. Your silence is very telling.

It is a disgrace to the United States to have a “president” who has reinstated the callous and misogynistic Global Gag Rule started by Reagan. Poor women around the world need healthcare, including reproductive healthcare, in order to survive and thrive. Your backward and bigoted beliefs are your problem, not theirs.

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