My Cat Virginia’s Antics

28 Apr


(Photos: Virginia on the dashboard and Haedrig looking up at Virginia while she climbs a tree)

In the morning, I took two boxes of incense out of a clear plastic bin and carried them across the hallway to the meditation room. Virginia followed me. I keep the door closed, so she doesn’t pee on the rug, so entering that room is a special treat. She wandered around, mewing cheerfully and swishing her big, fluffy tail. She walked to the ceramic Siamese Buddha in the corner… and she bit the Buddha. I scooped her up, carried her out of the room, and closed the door.

I came home, parked the car, and opened the car door. Virginia promptly climbed into the car and jumped onto the dashboard, where she shifted around, eyed her surroundings with inquisitive mews, and bit the dashboard. Meanwhile, Gabriel also jumped into the car, but after some sniffing around he jumped back out. I had to carry out Virginia.

A few days before all this, Virginia was in the neighbor’s yard, so I walked toward her, and she ran up a tree. Meanwhile, Gabriel and Haedrig ran down the sidewalk after me. I found myself in the awkward position of standing in the next-door neighbor’s yard with two of my cats and coaxing a third cat out of a tree.


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