Colorful Dreams

2 May

I dreamed that a young guy who wore a lot of red and blue worked for a wealthy older man. The young guy and his girlfriend went into the boss’s garage, sat in his red sports car convertible, and stole it, driving off. Meanwhile, I realized this was Spiderman, and in the reality of the dream, Spiderman was known for driving such a car. I was an outside observer at this point and was wondering how he thought he could get away with having this car that belonged to his boss. Surely the boss would notice, especially if he didn’t quit his job.


I had a dream in which I was taking a walk in a city or town and saw a sign for a historic house and started walking in that general direction. The area was like a park, with many trees.

I kept walking and approached a long table covered with items I knew had been abandoned and were going to be thrown out. A lot, if not all, of these things were toys and dolls. I spotted what looked like an 1870s French fashion doll and picked it up: the doll had long golden ringlets and needed to be costumed. I picked up another antique doll and was astonished that these dolls were abandoned like this.


As I kept walking, I realized I was indoors, inside a large house, and this was weird since I thought I had been outdoors and figured I wouldn’t be able to see the historic house if I was inside. I next found myself in a craft room or sewing room with patterns and books for making doll clothes. A little girl entered the room and dropped something, and I picked it up for her. It looked like she was in the process of making something tiny, maybe a dollhouse pillow.


I also had a dream set in an ocean, with a huge whale and lots of animals, all cartoonish, who wanted to travel across the ocean. Some of them rode inside the whale’s huge mouth, and the others water-skied behind the whale.


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