Interiors and Dreams

20 May

I had a dream in which there was a sale of items from the television show Sherlock. It was in a big building like a school, and there weren’t many people there. It was the tail end of the sale–well, I think it was over, but I found some stuff, including a couple of old-fashioned rattles that in the reality of the dream I remembered Sherlock playing with. And in that reality, I was picturing how Sherlock oddly had a study way underground. Watson had a big room underground, and a ladder descended further down to Sherlock’s study.


I dreamed that I was at the house where I grew up, and my mother was there being a brat. Five cats lived there and were excited because a badger was in the house. I saw it 3 days in a row before telling my mother. By then, we had been at my old school, and she was strangely resentful because the school no longer had a particular beverage. She was taking it out on me, which pissed me off so that I blew up at her, but she acted as though she didn’t notice, which pissed me off more. I was attempting to prepare to go to the airport, because Francis was going to be there, and I went into my bedroom and couldn’t figure out what to wear. There was a big box in my old bedroom, and it was overflowing with clothing, and while my mother was yelling out something, I picked a colorful skirt and slipped into it. I was wearing a t-shirt and didn’t know what top to wear.

I may have heard noises in the room next to mine, what was ultimately the library, and I went in there. The room was very cluttered. I found three cats…and an extra one that looked black and turned out to be a badger. So I finally told my mother, and she acted like it was no big deal–or she wasn’t listening.


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