Dream of a Flood

26 May


I had a dream in which I was staying with a lot of people in what must have been a big house. I lived in one section of the house–I had my own bedroom and i think several other rooms to myself.

There was a huge flood while rain poured down, and the water rose higher and higher.

I was with a young woman and a young man, who I think were both white, and we were doing some sort of project (I was just mimicking what they did) that involved tall glass bottles or glasses and sticks and I think a potion of some sort. I think it was clear like water. I followed them outdoors with some of the mossy sticks, which we put inside the glassware so that the sticks were sticking up out of them.

Outside, the back yard looked like the second one with which I grew up. It was not raining then, I think, and I observed how the young couple took their glasses full of sticks and hid them in various places, such as under a tree. I followed suit, heading much further down the yard, into floodwater, because I didn’t want to hide my glassware and sticks too close to them. The yard went further than my parent’s and had a swimming pool far down but on a plateau. Or maybe the pool instead of the old swing set was on the real plateau.

In some places, I waded in two-foot water, even though I was wearing a yellow vintage 1950s dress I used to have. I enjoyed being in the water and found myself floating and realized that I really wanted to change into a swimsuit and swim in the pool and/or the flooding. The couple seemed like they had forgotten me and were far off doing their own thing. I was sure they wouldn’t miss my company.

A little blond girl from next door was running and splashing in her yard and maybe ours, and I thought she had the right idea. I may have splashed around quite a bit myself before telling myself that I really needed to go get in my swimsuit.

Inside, I may have watched more rain come down, because the flooding became more extreme. I stood before the back window of my old bedroom and opened the window to try to see more clearly how deep the flooding was. I brushed aside the curtains–diaphanous blue and white curtains like when that was my bedroom–and looked out the window. The little neighbor girl ran past my window and gave me a brief glare, as though she thought I was spying on her and being creepy, so I hastily closed the window and got behind the curtains. (Now that I’m awake, I think she was the one being weird, not me, since she was acting like our yard was hers.)

I felt shy and self-conscience because of that look she gave me, and I thought I might want to wait until she was no longer out there before going out in my swimsuit.

At some point in the dream, I was back inside, and it at least seemed like I had a kitchen to myself, especially since I was going through the fridge and throwing out stuff that the family who owned the house had left and that had expired. However, before long others came in to use the kitchen, I think the same kitchen. At this point I was holding a plastic bag containing 4 white onions that seemed rather clear and I was trying to decide whether they were edible or not. A small East Asian guy came into the kitchen and cooked something differently than I thought it was supposed to be cooked. I thought of saying something, but I didn’t want to offend him.

Soon one of two Hispanic brothers (adults) came in, and he put a bag of onions–I think a plastic bag–directly onto a burner and turned it on.  (Earlier in the dream, I think we all sat at a large table and there was a lot of talking, though I don’t think I did any of it, and the elder brother more than once said this brother’s name, something with an r, maybe Rodrigo.) He was cheerful and easygoing, and I was baffled at how he was cooking and stood there staring at the stove top while still holding my small bag of onions. The East Asian guy also seemed alarmed, because he came into the kitchen for an instant and shifted the top of the onion bag so that it wouldn’t get in the flames.

There was the sound of pans toward the end of the dream…and I awoke to hear the voices and pans of the yard sale across the street (which I haven’t gotten to yet).


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