Unsettling Dreams

15 Jun

I dreamed that I was at a tiny old-fashioned train station. I may have gotten off one train, but what I remember is rushing dangerously close to the tracks as a train passed me, and I got to an archway in the center of the tiny building, where lots of people were…getting onto a train. I didn’t make it to the train, but I’m not sure I wished to ride that particular train.

I was the only customer remaining and walked away from that archway in order to wait at a location I saw earlier. As I headed back there, I again walked very close to the tracks, and a loud metal locomotive came close to hitting me. I felt nervous about that both times.

I circled around and spotted a whole bunch of people scrubbing brown wooden floor–this was still outdoors–in the vicinity of where I wished to sit down and wait. I didn’t wish to disturb them, and I thought I could tiptoe through without stepping in the wrong place and without disturbing them. They wore I think 19th century servants clothes and were chatting among themselves.

I was about to take a step…but then the closest cleaner dumped some water right where I was going to step. She scrubbed vigorously right there. I looked around for another dry spot, and the same thing happened. Finally, I ended up stepping onto a wet spot, and it was burning hot. I made several steps, all burning hot, and I may have been barefoot. One of the cleaners may have belatedly warned me, but after a few steps I figured I may as well get to the bench and get my feet up off the ground.


I had several other dreams, not as interesting as that first one or the final one, and I think I woke after every dream.

My last of many vivid dreams took place in a strip mall where there were a lot of pedestrians. It was nighttime, and I think I had the perspective of a teen girl (I was a completely different person than in this reality), and I was with my mother (a slender blond woman who appeared to be in her thirties) and sister, who was also blond and about eight years old…though sometimes I think she was more like 12.

We saw a man in probably his thirties who was skinny and blond and had high cheekbones and wore jeans, t-shirt, denim jacket, and a black baseball cap. He killed someone right before our eyes, in front of a shop. The way he killed I think more than one person was supernatural–he held up his hands, and I think rays of light came out of his hands and hit his victims.

We were panicky and wanted to distance ourselves from him but without attracting his attention. So we sneaked away, but he noticed us and chased after us in and around some shops.

We reached the glass front doors of Walgreens and were about to dash in, when a couple of staff members met us at the door and wouldn’t let us in and said they were closing. I was terrified, anxious, and probably glanced in the general direction of where I thought the murderer was. Walgreens was the far left one. Of the strip mall, so I was looking toward the right. I thought I saw him in front of a shop and surrounded by other pedestrians. Lots of pedestrians were around and didn’t seem to have any idea what was going on, especially cheerful groups of teenagers.

My mother begged and pleaded to get inside and may have said she just needed cough medicine. One of the cheerful teens said she should write a letter to Walgreens demanding free cough medicine.

I don’t know if we got away. I woke up.

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