Virginia’s Latest Gift

20 Jun

I was dreaming that my mother was still alive, and we had this basement workshop where we seemed to have a clothing-making business. My mother showed me a knit shirt that was russet and featured a photo-like picture in the center front, an antique photo of a Native American old woman. She said it appeared because I had the internet open to that page.

She chastised me for being into prints or patterns, and s he said we weren’t going to use those anymore. To demonstrate, she showed me a couple of sweaters…one of which was brown and white, in a pattern reminiscent of a trellis. I told her that’s a pattern, and she didn’t comment.

I woke to a cat meowing, and when I stepped into the hallway, I saw what appeared to be two dead rats. I got a couple of used cuppa soup cups to scoop them and take them outside…and noticed one of them moving as little. As I was scooping the first one, it really came to life…and although it was about the size of a small full-grown mouse, it seemed like a baby.

Neither was bleeding, that I could see, and they both turned out to be alive. I suspect that they’re baby rats or some other rodent. It fully sank it after I took them to the edge of the front yard. I hope they’ll be okay. I hope they’re not newborn possums. No, probably baby rats.

Gabriel was the only one who seemed particularly interested in them, which has a disturbing connotation, since he doesn’t normally bother rodents. It seemed more like something Vita or Virginia would do, though so far they’ve only brought me two mice, and they were both dead. Coming to think of it, they were about twice as big as these two, so maybe they’re large mice…or little rats. I think they weren’t moving much because they were in shock.


Slightly later

It’s Virginia. She just brought another one! Or she found where I put them. She seems to be gumming them.


Latest update: Virginia brought four baby rats total, all of which I took and put in bushes in a far corner of my front yard. Perhaps if I had been wide awake, I might have searched the back yard for a nest, or for rat parents.

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