The Peeing Avenger

1 Jul

At about 7 this morning, I learned that if I’m up most of the night and ignore Virginia because I want to go to sleep, she will pee on my ankles and sheet.

Ignoring her is definitely not my usual behavior. She’s sweet and affectionate and needs as much attention as a dog. However, I was wrapped up in unpacking and organizing around the house and hadn’t felt like sleeping earlier.

One Hour later: I made a point of cuddling her all she wanted.

Two hours later: Still not sleeping, I jerked up in reaction to the sound of s shrieking bird. Sure enough, Virginia was dangling from her mouth a terrified, screaming little bird. I chased her around—and she growled at me!—but eventually I picked her up, and she dropped the bird. I carried her to the powder room, grabbed a towel, and closed her in the small room. I used the towel to catch the bird and took it outside. When I placed the towel on the patio and began to unwrap the bird, it was still scared and opened its mouth wide and shrieked again. I went inside and waited a few minutes to retrieve the vacant towel. Fly far, far away, little bird.

My mind on catio designs, I finally fell asleep sometime after 9 am.


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