I found my spare reading glasses!

2 Jul

I can read and write! Huzzah!

On Tuesday, I went to the public pool without a glasses case; after I slipped my glasses into my locker, I pulled out something else, and my glasses flew out and hit the floor. I hastily picked them up and put them back in the locker. It wasn’t until after I spent an hour and a half in the pool that I noticed I was missing a lens. I searched around where the glasses fell…and on my way out, I saw the broken lens lying in the lobby.

I rushed to LensCrafters and made an appointment for the next morning. Because I wear progressive lenses, they weren’t in stock, so I’ve been reading through one lens and holding my hand over my left eye (when not squinting).

Since my usual reading and writing haven’t been an option, I’ve been unpacking and organizing around the house. I took stuff to a thrift store, filled up the recycle bin, framed some family photos, and found lots of lovely things. But now I can get back to reading and writing and sewing! I’m certainly looking forward to those new glasses. Best to go to the eye doctor while you still have health insurance.


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