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Back from the Dead

31 Dec

I dreamed that Cheetah came back from the dead.


She was a feisty grey tabby who lived with me for two decades. She passed away on January 16, 2016.

In the dream, I lived in what looked like my parents’ house—the house that was recently sold. At least, it looked just like it, and the neighborhood resembled that neighborhood.

I had just flown back home from Phoenix and was walking down Smoke Road to the house. It was bright and sunny outside, with a bright blue sky, and I was surprised it wasn’t cold and snowy and was relieved, too, since I’d gotten accustomed to the Phoenix weather.

At the house, I was in the kitchen and again struck by how bright and sunny it was, how bright blue the sky was as seen through the sliding glass doors, and how comfortable the temperature was, how similar the weather was to Phoenix this time of year. None of the anticipated snow and ice. My cats, the ones I now live with, I think were there, at the house.

I went into a cluttered room, I think a bedroom, and there was a couch with a bunch of blankets on it. I reached into the blankets and pulled out…a perfectly healthy Cheetah. In the reality of the dream, I knew she had been buried in the ground and had come back to life the previous day, had climbed up out of the ground on her own. She seemed young again and perfectly healthy, and she didn’t object when I picked her up and cuddled her. She seemed like a much more mellow version of Cheetah.

After I woke up, I lay there in shock, as it sank in that I had just dreamed that my old cat, Cheetah, came back from the dead.

Sinister House

28 Dec

I had a dark dream, very grey and rainy, in which I lived in a big, old house with an eerie atmosphere. The energy seemed…a bit off. It was a two-story house with numerous many-paned windows, and I didn’t have access to part of the house because somebody else was living there. It may have been raining. I spoke to someone, perhaps a neighbor, before going inside.

I was upstairs, trying to figure out how to rearrange a messy, cluttered room, when I instinctively knew that someone sinister and evil was outdoors and wanted to break into my house. I decided to be extremely quiet and stay in that one upstairs room.

Of Purple Plants and Dodgy Dudes

23 Dec

I dreamed about a weird situation. There was a young woman who was, I think, a nurse at a hospital, and she’d caught the attention of two prospective husbands, one whom she found attractive, and the other was more or less Stu Barnhill, a barbaric misogynist. With encouragement from a friend, she decided she’d pretend she lived at this house that her cousin owned, but she had to ask her cousin for permission to stay there a second time (having done so the previous weekend because something was wrong with her apartment). But she wasn’t friends with this cousin and wasn’t comfortable with him (he was my cousin Andy), so she wasn’t looking forward to this.

There may have been something about my impersonating her for the bad suitor, because her friend was showing me her plants in front of her apartment, and there was something about how she in particular prized these purple plants. One of them was growing right out of the brick in front of her front stoop, and so while I was chatting with her friend, I did some weeding…and pulled that purple plant out of the brick right before realizing what I’d done, that it was her favorite plant. Feeling guilty and appalled, I tried to attach the plant back, and it seemingly magically worked.

After waking, I recalled that I’d seen that same kind of plant next to the front stoop at my brother’s in-laws’ house.

Evil Robot, or Something like That

19 Dec

I had a dream that involved a high school and other places in a community…and strange phenomena, I think supernatural beings. I was a high school student, and unfortunately it was at a school like Hell on Earth (Morgan Township School), with too fucking many bullies.

In the hallway, I was in front of my locker, when three brats who looked like elementary school kids were making fun of me, as usual. What wasn’t usual was that I walked up to them and pinched them with slightly long fingernails and yanked their hair and maybe did a few other things—wrap one hand around the sociopath boy’s throat (two were girls and one was a boy who looked like a particular piece of shit who really did ride the same bus as I did when I was in high school and his worthless ass was in elementary school). The entire time, he was so insane that he was still grinning in a gloating manner, even when I was strangling him. This annoyed me greatly, so I squeezed his throat tighter.

Later, I was at home and realized that I was late for school—was actually missing classes—because I was so busy with projects at home, at my parents’ house. It was the same house as it was in this reality, but there was different stuff going on. A landscaper was working on something really elaborate, like what looked kind of like irrigation, in the side yard, where he had these ditches and stainless-steel strips in the ditches, and he was putting something—plant life, probably red flowers—on top of the metal strips. Soon I was awkwardly walking around the ditches and thinking it’s exciting that my parents had hired landscapers. I’m not sure what projects or project made me late for school and consequently worrying about how I was going to pull this off, how I probably needed a note from my parents…. but I may have been working on something that had to do with the strange spirits or aliens taking over the community.

I was still late for school…when I looked at a clock and noticed it was 12:10 already. It didn’t feel that late.

Out of the blue, I was on a city bus in a very urban area, nothing like rural Indiana, and I got off the bus and walked along the side of a somewhat wide street in an area where there were tall buildings, probably apartments. The street may have sloped uphill. It may have been Seattle. I reached the end of the street and reminded myself I was still late for school, and while I didn’t need to be there during the noon hour since lunch was during that time, I had better get there before my next class started. But now that I was on foot in this city, I saw no way of getting to my next class.

In this same urban area, the perspective shifted. A big black guy was out and about…. Meanwhile, lying on the ground was a slender white guy who was looking up at a robot-like entity floating above him and had somehow managed to take his spirit or his brain and put it into itself, so the guy on the ground was looking up with utter confusion and none of his intelligence. I had the perspective of an outside viewer.

The evil robot may have been laughing maniacally or otherwise gloating. It ended up falling to the ground…no, I think it picked up something large and metal, perhaps a dumpster, and dropped it on top of the black guy, after the viewer saw his perspective and sympathize with him. He wasn’t doing any harm at all—just minding his own business, walking along the street, when suddenly the evil robot dropped a dumpster on him and presumably smooshed him. I was horrified and sad when I saw this; I really liked this character and hated to see him murdered.

Later, I was stepping out onto a landing, as though I lived in an apartment instead of my parents’ house, and I saw two people, one of whom was a petite girl, maybe of Indian descent, whom I recognized from school and at first thought was one of the bullies, even though she gave me a little smile; because I thought she was a bully, I was startled and didn’t smile back. She and the other person, in front of her, kept walking, down the next flight. Maybe I finally was at school, not at an apartment.

It’s possible this wasn’t even the same dream…. In one reality, these two guys were a couple, one a big bald guy and the other a skinny little dark-haired guy with a beard. In another reality, there’s a huge crisis, like aliens or giant killer robots taking over a city, and one of them knocked over the big guy. In this reality, the couple were acquaintances and not a couple, at least not yet. The slender guy found his friend lying on the sidewalk below a very tall building, and he kissed him before helping him up.

Earlier, I had a very weird dream…it involved spirits and there may have been children. At the very end, a woman was standing and facing someone else, and I think they were inside a greenhouse. The woman I first mentioned was wearing what looked like a pale bathrobe, and out of her pocket drifted upward a very small, see-through version of her spiritual teacher, who was about to say something important…when I woke up because a cat was meowing.

Shifting Characters

15 Dec

I had a dream that kept switching settings and characters, back and forth.

In one setting that came and went, four men who may have been thieves were walking along inside the long and cluttered attic of an old building, reminiscent of Belle Epoch architecture in Paris, at least in part because it featured a mansard roof. Eventually, the entire right side, or a lot if it, was made of glass; the middle-aged, cocky, stout, strutting man who appeared to be in charge made a point of breaking this glass in several sections, thus shattering it. Nobody seemed alarmed by this.


I think this was a different place and different characters, though they were similar. A small group of male thieves were leaving a building (a large two- or three-story house, I think) by climbing down on the outside. The last one was a young man with pale blond hair who had to stop not far from the ground; his leg was caught on something. He looked like he was from the 1960s, with Beatle bowl hair and a brown corduroy blazer.

While he was stuck, the perspective was mine but in two realities: the blond guy was a human stuck at the side of a house on a sort of ladder; but sometimes he was a doll for which I was making clothing, adding beads up the side of his pant leg to indicate distinctive style with buttons that start at the hem and go up.

Plans, Ceramics, and Critters

12 Dec

I had a dream in which I was very confused about my plans. I was supposed to be gone a month starting the next day, and I had a cat sitter…but at the same time, I had completely different plans, such as an appointment the next day. I may have made one version of plans with The Worst Frenemy in the Galaxy but was no longer associating with her. I rushed home (from work?) with the intention of checking my daily planner.

At home, I heard cats fighting in the back yard and went to the kitchen window and opened it, because a cat was sitting in it. Strangely, it was a fluffy orange cat; none of my cats fit that description. It came in, with another cat behind it.

I went to my bedroom to find my daily planner, which I believed was in my paisley carryon. The room was very messy and resembled my childhood bedroom. I had recently placed my futon on the floor. I reached under it, and there was a long cardboard box full of random things, such as an unstuffed cloth Tigger that brought up a memory of someone castigating me because I had so many things, including that Tigger, and didn’t appreciate what I had. (That, by the way, sounds like The Worst Frenemy in the Galaxy.) I didn’t find the daily planner under the bed. I kept looking, and the room only seemed to become messier.

I came across many ceramics my mother made when I was a child, and seeing them reminded me that I should paint them, since the majority were unpainted. I found a large box in which most items were unpainted ceramics.


A different dream was set in the future, and I lived in a minimalist, futuristic house with white walls, including a curving wall in my bedroom. I had a large bed, probably queen, and I noticed some animals in my room. There was a full-grown orange chicken and two little ones, about half grown, one brown and the other black. I petted each and picked up a little one; it bit me. A one-foot-tall blue-grey horse was having trouble walking; it wasn’t in good health. I had at least one visitor, a man dressed like a Star Wars character who stood over the tiny horse and laughed at it when it fell over on the floor by the foot of the bed, which had a grey coverlet. He made some snide remark about it being a sorry excuse for a horse. I felt shocked by his cruel behavior. This was something like the world of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? in that animals were rare and hard to come by.

Empath Dog Detects Bad Vibes

11 Dec

Visiting family for the holidays involves, for me, walking my brother’s dog. Last time I visited, it turned out that she (the dog, Chanel, a Bichon Frise) enjoyed the walks I gave her, because I took her much further than my brother did. In the morning, she’d wait outside the guest bedroom door for me to take her for a walk.

Now that the family members I’m visiting have recently purchased a house, they no longer live a few blocks from a nature preserve where I frequently hiked with or without the dog. However, they live right across the street from a park. On my latest walk with Chanel, we were in this park after dark, when two people came up behind us on the paved path flanked by palm trees. Chanel barked at them, to my astonishment; normally she only barks at the house, her territory. We kept walking, and the couple kept walking behind us, and I felt uncomfortable and wished they’d go somewhere else.

At the duck pond, I stopped to watch the ducks, as usual: two large white ducks, numerous mallards, two black ducks, and at least two duck breeds I can’t name. As usual, Chanel showed no interest in the ducks or the pond. While I admired the ducks, the couple came further up the path and caught up with us. They remained on the path and passed us, and Chanel watched them suspiciously. I still felt very uncomfortable with them and hoped they’d keep walking, far away. Instead, they stopped and glared at Chanel. One of them snapped, “What are you looking at!” Thoroughly creeped out and weirded out, I led Chanel away from them and hurried up the path that circles the pond. I felt eager to get away from those people…and concluded that Chanel had reason to dislike those people. It still struck me as strange, though, that she would bark at someone away from her territory…but not as strange as their hostile reaction toward her. Most people in the park considered her cute.

Back at the house, I told my brother about this incident. He pointed out that Chanel has a tendency to bark at people who have bad vibes. Good doggy.

Weird Dreams

10 Dec

I recall dreaming that I was traveling, maybe with a cat and maybe with one other person—actually, I think I met the friendly person, who may have been a guy, and after meeting him I stopped at a place that had something like a toll booth, off the highway. The toll booth-like thing may have been a drive-through coffee shop. Anyway, there were several sinister (and white trash type) men there, and they were creepy and chuckled sinisterly, and I had a very bad feeling about them. Either my new friend warned me, possibly through psychic powers, or I sensed intuitively that these sinister men were in the habit of kidnapping people. Perhaps they were a sex-trafficking ring. In any case, I knew that they wanted to abduct me, so I got the hell out of there really quickly. I think I was driving a motorcycle, at least by the time I was leaving that drive-through coffee shop.

I dreamed that I decided to make an 18th-century style dress and realized that I first had to finish the 18th-century style corset I started years ago, for my brother’s wedding, but then I realized that I was a much smaller size back then, so I’d have to start from scratch with the corset and order the corset boning and get fabric for it.

Joan of Arc, Private Eye

9 Dec

I dreamed I had the perspective of a young woman who was a private detective, at least an apprentice. My supervisor was a middle-aged woman (maybe the attorney on Bones). Oddly, I wore Joan of Arc armor for my job, sometimes. I may have had a cat for an assistant. I was in an urban area. At some point, I was walking along a path…I’m tempted to say along a sort of metal beam. I was attempting to solve a murder.