Climate Change is Climate Change is Climate Change

9 Jan

I wrote the following to my senators and representative:

Donald Dump nominated climate change denier Kathleen Hartnett White to run the Council on Environmental Quality. Like all his nominees, she is exactly the opposite of someone ideal for the position. Anyone who still denies climate change does so out of greed. Maybe they’re from another planet, since they don’t care about this one. Obviously, nobody like White should have any part in any country’s environmental policies.

Who are the people most hurt by climate change? Poor people who live in coastal regions and will see their homes underwater. Oligarch Dump is old enough to be dead by mid-century and plenty wealthy enough to choose real estate that won’t be underwater when all the ice caps have melted. He caters to unethical corporations that use the very fuels contributing to climate change. No matter what lies Dump uses about creating jobs, real long-term employment for many is available through climate-friendly sources of energy. His motivations come down to this: greed.

Please do all you can to prevent Kathleen Hartnett White from getting any position with the Council on Environmental Quality. The absurdity, like with all Dump’s nominations, is unfathomable.

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