Hippies, Apartments, Cats

28 Jan

I dreamed that I was one of three friends in our twenties–they were a pair of blond hippies, one a tall and slender male with long hair and a beard, and maybe they were a couple. We had plans to meet up at a restaurant, and I got there first and was sitting at a round table and picturing them and thinking of them. The restaurant was kind of crowded, and there was a large group right behind me. I thought about how people tended to disapprove of the three of us, because of our insistence on hanging out together, only three of us, and not joining larger groups.

I think I had a dream set in a theater. Yes, I went in through a side door and was in a dark hallway….

I had a dream in which I lived in a charming old apartment like in St. Louis but much larger, with guest rooms. I was outdoors chatting with someone, when I noticed–I think through a chain-link fence–that my cats Vita and Virginia got outdoors. So I excused myself and headed back to my apartment, went inside, and went in the back yard.


Next I was inside and seeing the many doorways of the apartment. It had hardwood floors and white walls and old-fashioned paneled, white doors. I got to the back door, which strangely was ajar. Outside, I spotted Virginia again right away; it was a small yard, and she was in the center. But she was with a little grey tabby kitten instead of Vita. There was a deep hole, and down inside the hole was a woman wearing a work helmet. She was suspended from a rope.

The kitten ran for the hole and fell in, past the woman, to my utter horror. But it was okay and came back up, and I picked the kitten up off the grass and felt very relieved and conversed a bit about it with the woman, but without mentioning this wasn’t my kitten. It was a little weird–I acted as though this were my kitten.

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