Rare Thunder Causing Sleep Deprivation

6 May

At about three in the morning, a loud boom of thunder snapped me out of a dream.

Last time I checked the weather report, there was nothing about thunder and lightning; only rain, which—after years living in Portland, Oregon—I assume to be quiet, gentle rain. I rarely heard thunder in Portland, and when I did it was faint and distant.

I wish I’d turned on the light and sat up to read ghost stories, but I was very groggy and just wanted to get back to sleep. I wished to be well-rested before attending a matinee performance of the opera Maria of Buenas Aires, so I just wanted to get back to sleep. Also, being forced awake before a dream is complete always increases my grogginess, and I was extremely groggy. I drifted off to sleep…GRUMBLE! More thunder! I drifted off to sleep for a few minutes…BOOM! More thunder!

It’s easy to look back when I’m fully awake and wonder why I didn’t give up with trying to sleep. It would have been a really good time to read a ghost story. The thunder and lightning were so dramatic!

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