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Old House Dreams

25 Jun

I dreamed that I’d recently moved into a big, rambling Victorian mansion. I lived with other people there, I think my parents and at least one servant or caretaker. Maybe a groundskeeper? There were other people here and there in the house.

I was in an upstairs hallway, where there was a very elaborately carved, flowery wainscoting. I touched it while I was walking along. I heard someone coming and felt shy, so I threw open a door…and it opened onto a closet that was full of things that I knew belonged to a catholic church (the house had such connections in the nineteenth century). There were wooden chairs—that’s the main thing I remember in that closet—that may have been carved with Xian designs on them (a very weird thing for me to dream).

I wandered some more and found other closets in the hallway. One was I think a walk-in closet.

Urgh, I’ve been awake for about half an hour, and I can’t remember that much.


This may have been the same dream: I was inside a house and looked out a window…to see that the people who were removing the oil tank in the front yard had, as part of their project, dug up a shallow layer of the front lawn (this house was different from the one I actually live in). There was a bit of a slope on the right side of the house, and the brown dirt of the dug-up yard met with a snow-covered stretch in shade.


I also had a dream in which I was with my parents and brother, and we were about to go out somewhere, I think out for dinner. I had a Victorian-looking purse (with a metal clasp and metal loopy strap, and embroidered in red and other colors) that, in the reality of the dream, was a Jewish tradition. It was traditional to take the purse with me to dinner.

In our house (quite a house-themed early morning), I had found a couple of very small, old Santa Claus figurines that were nothing alike. One was maybe made of chenille or cloth, and the other clay or porcelain. While we were standing near the front door, about to go out, Francis was holding them and looking over them and making comments. He passed them back to me, and I tucked them into my elaborate purse, even though that wasn’t part of the Jewish tradition with this kind of purse.

Tiny Guinea Pigs

20 Jun

I dreamed I was involved in an event with a huge crowd of people inside a very large white room in the modern building. Two walls were made of large panes of glass with at least one glass door.

As the event was coming to a close, people were leaving, including an Asian (Polynesian?) vendor and his 2 little kids. I knew them, and they caught my eye, with their bright red cart that they were pushing in the parking lot.

I was one of several people who planned to stay behind for a meeting, and I wasn’t the only one looking around for a good spot to put our chairs. Someone else decided before me: an outer back corner with one white wall and one glass wall, so I started taking chairs there.


I dreamed I was pet sitting for someone in an apartment or condo that was upstairs with a balcony and possibly inside a skyscraper.

There were tiny, strange creatures I’d never seen before. They had a big, yellow, plastic, rectangular…home with drawers I could pull out to reveal more tiny creatures. That’s how I found the smallest of guinea pigs, smaller than baby guinea pigs in real life. They were fast, too, and running away, and I struggled to put them back.

Abolish ICE

14 Jun

My letter to the governor of the state where I live:

Dear Governor,

Refugee children must be reunited with their families and have access to pro-bono.

These children are undoubtedly already traumatized before they even reach the border into the country formerly known as the United States. When they reach the border, either their parents aren’t with them, or ICE (the Gestapo) border patrol force them to part with their parents. Children are in concentration camps in Texas. This treatment—being taken from their parents and locked up and not knowing where their parents are—will ensure that these children are traumatized for life.

The Dump administration is practicing gross abuse of human rights; the UN has declared this treatment of immigrants inhumane. People come to this country in search of asylum because life back home has become unendurable…and when they get here, they’re treated like criminals. This is unconscionable. This country is unworthy of the Statue of Liberty.

ICE is now right here in Oregon, and they have every intention of locking up immigrant parents in the Sheridan Detention Center. You have the power to refuse to allow this to happen.

Houses and Kittens

13 Jun

I had a dream in which I was with my mother, and we were wandering around a neighborhood that was at the edge of a body of water.

To our left, I saw houses, and behind them was an aluminum fence-like structure–sometimes it looked like wood–against which the body of water splashed every few seconds. We exchanged a few words, maybe about prime real estate, so close to the water. We may have been looking for a house for sale.

We went a little further, and there were several houses with a lot of trees. Maybe the houses formed a circle. Suddenly we were in a little boat, and there was a lot of flooding forming a pond in front of this circle of houses… we approached one house with the boat, and I was scared of falling out, especially when the boat was rocking. My mother laughed, amused at my anxiety (so in character). At some point, I did nearly fall out, and there was a bit of water in the bottom of the boat.


I dreamed that I had 2 kittens, one grey and the other orange, and I was out and about in a residential, perhaps suburban, neighborhood. I think I was driving us around in a 1970s car…or a bicycle.

We stopped at a stranger’s house. I don’t even know why, but we went in, and the first room was a tiny front hall, where I put down the kittens. The kittens and I explored. Seeing them wander, I wished I had them in a carrier.

I went deeper into the house, and I don’t remember what I was doing—apparently just looked around and admired their decor.

When I was ready to leave, I made sure I put everything exactly as I found it, and I headed for the kittens. Out a window, I saw a blond woman on the front steps of another house, and I became worried that this neighbor, or any neighbor, would see me coming out of this house.

Department of Injustice

10 Jun

I just mailed this off:

Dear Department of Injustice,

You need to resume being the Department of Justice…assuming you ever did represent justice which, wait, you haven’t, since this has always been an overtly racist and misogynistic country that makes life a lot harder for poor people and people of color. But I digress.

Children are not blackmail tools for detention. Children aren’t criminals and don’t belong in cages. The country formerly known as the United States is violating human rights to an extent that it hasn’t done since Japanese Americans were sent off to internment camps.

Dreams and People

2 Jun

I had a dream in which a fatal disease was going around, maybe epidemic.

I was standing with the below 2 people in a long white hallway, and they picked up the below-mentioned boxes from a big brown cart outside a closed door.

At the very end of the dream, 2 people in a row quickly died. One was an old, bald white man-I think a doctor, and the other a middle-aged female nurse (sexist dream). Each picked up a rectangular, light brown box that had several switches on it and looked like it could be cardboard, a project a child made. Each pushed the button for survival, but too late–and they died within seconds.

Urgh, not sure what else happened in that dream.


I had a dream in which I was living or staying with a bunch of people. It was a big house, and my mother was there.. urgh, a bunch of toxic relatives showed up, and I wasn’t willing to talk to them and kept hoping they wouldn’t notice me.

There were some strange, large rooms.

One room I rushed off to after noticing the relatives arriving: it was in the back of the house, painted all white, and there was a bathroom and one other small room attached to the back of that room. I was heading for the restroom, and I passed by someone else and saw that the restroom was unoccupied.

That may have been–yes–the same dream that started out fine, with the large gathering of people, including children, gathered and talking and enjoying each other’s company.