Tiny Guinea Pigs

20 Jun

I dreamed I was involved in an event with a huge crowd of people inside a very large white room in the modern building. Two walls were made of large panes of glass with at least one glass door.

As the event was coming to a close, people were leaving, including an Asian (Polynesian?) vendor and his 2 little kids. I knew them, and they caught my eye, with their bright red cart that they were pushing in the parking lot.

I was one of several people who planned to stay behind for a meeting, and I wasn’t the only one looking around for a good spot to put our chairs. Someone else decided before me: an outer back corner with one white wall and one glass wall, so I started taking chairs there.


I dreamed I was pet sitting for someone in an apartment or condo that was upstairs with a balcony and possibly inside a skyscraper.

There were tiny, strange creatures I’d never seen before. They had a big, yellow, plastic, rectangular…home with drawers I could pull out to reveal more tiny creatures. That’s how I found the smallest of guinea pigs, smaller than baby guinea pigs in real life. They were fast, too, and running away, and I struggled to put them back.

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