Old House Dreams

25 Jun

I dreamed that I’d recently moved into a big, rambling Victorian mansion. I lived with other people there, I think my parents and at least one servant or caretaker. Maybe a groundskeeper? There were other people here and there in the house.

I was in an upstairs hallway, where there was a very elaborately carved, flowery wainscoting. I touched it while I was walking along. I heard someone coming and felt shy, so I threw open a door…and it opened onto a closet that was full of things that I knew belonged to a catholic church (the house had such connections in the nineteenth century). There were wooden chairs—that’s the main thing I remember in that closet—that may have been carved with Xian designs on them (a very weird thing for me to dream).

I wandered some more and found other closets in the hallway. One was I think a walk-in closet.

Urgh, I’ve been awake for about half an hour, and I can’t remember that much.


This may have been the same dream: I was inside a house and looked out a window…to see that the people who were removing the oil tank in the front yard had, as part of their project, dug up a shallow layer of the front lawn (this house was different from the one I actually live in). There was a bit of a slope on the right side of the house, and the brown dirt of the dug-up yard met with a snow-covered stretch in shade.


I also had a dream in which I was with my parents and brother, and we were about to go out somewhere, I think out for dinner. I had a Victorian-looking purse (with a metal clasp and metal loopy strap, and embroidered in red and other colors) that, in the reality of the dream, was a Jewish tradition. It was traditional to take the purse with me to dinner.

In our house (quite a house-themed early morning), I had found a couple of very small, old Santa Claus figurines that were nothing alike. One was maybe made of chenille or cloth, and the other clay or porcelain. While we were standing near the front door, about to go out, Francis was holding them and looking over them and making comments. He passed them back to me, and I tucked them into my elaborate purse, even though that wasn’t part of the Jewish tradition with this kind of purse.

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