Office Dream

11 Nov

I dreamed that I’d worked at an office where almost everyone hated me, a hostile environment. I was fired or laid off and was doing projects at home and feeling resentful about the job.

My one friend in that work environment had been a stout, young (30s), light-blond woman who worked at the front counter, so maybe she was a receptionist. The room she worked in was separate, in front of, the main office, a huge room with cubicles, where I had worked.

She visited me in my apartment and was kind and encouraging.

There was something that I had to do at that office. After talking with her, I went back to the office. I had a big cardboard box with red writing on it. I stopped at the front desk with this box in my arms, and I talked with the friend. I had the intention of going into the big room with all the hostile people, but now that I was there in that workplace, I was terrified of going in.

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