Costume Shop Dream

22 Nov

I worked in the costume department of a theater in that last dream. People bustled around a warehouse-like area.

At the end of the dream, I was with a small number of people in this narrow section with white countertops and maybe mirrors–I think it was a narrow section surrounded by a huge room.

A young woman (I think we were all young) came by with a paper bag full of stuff and a white receipt. She was talking about laundry for a specific show. She said, “I can’t believe how little they spent on laundry for that show.” I pictured a dry cleaner, but I was about to say that nobody did laundry for that show, when I looked up at the slip of white paper she’d taped up on the mirror across from us. It said $7.60.

That confused me. I went from believing there wasn’t a dry-cleaning bill for that show… to agreeing with her.

Another person in that little space with us was a very slender gay guy (also very young) with whom I was kind of obsessed. He had short, dark hair and was very pale. He was flaming and elegant and was that day wearing dark pink jeans–like cranberry-colored–and an off-white with cranberry dots (or some pattern) satin collared shirt. He wore a lot of make-up, maybe even a white foundation like a geisha or an 18th century aristocrat. He had a cute little purse that matched his outfit…but it was really a trinket box rather than a purse, and it was homemade, with an assemblage of little red things (such as tiny plastic animals) decorating all around the edge. He soon left, saying, “Goodbye, darlings,” to us (two females), and he left the trinket box behind, so I cheerfully was trying to close it (it was completely empty, an oval about six inches long, and looked like white cardstock inside). I struggled to make the top and bottom line up and close, because the assemblage was getting in the way.

He was really cool and charming and probably wasn’t as into me as I was into him, although when I was in my twenties, quite a few gay guys liked me.

(Yesterday, I was typing up a letter I’d written when I was a theater student. So many memories.)

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