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A Circle of Crones

30 Jun

I dreamed about a group of about twenty women, all middle-aged or elderly, having fun together in a basement. It looked much like Lolly’s basement (and she was an elderly friend of my mother’s when I was a child–they made ceramics together). We held hands and formed a circle, in addition to standing around and talking.

Hmm, that sounds a bit like a witch’s coven or a consciousness-raising meeting or a gathering of wise elders.

It’s not too hard to figure out why I’d dream about something like that. This society doesn’t value women and combines ageism and misogyny on a huge scale. That dream was valuing people who should be valued and would be in a society that isn’t patriarchal.


Winged People

18 Jun

There were numerous good characters who were together and ended up trapped in part of a building, thanks to the villain. Some of the good characters, at least two, had wings.

The villain captured a young woman, a close friend of a young woman with wings. Wings was with the others inside this room, and they ended up surrounded by stuff, I think mostly pieces of foam (like the kind used in a wedge pillow–soft and yellow). Wings had tried to save her friend earlier, but it hadn’t been enough: she hadn’t been willing to sacrifice her wings for her friend. But now she had no other option: she had to sacrifice her wings and slip downward into a narrow space, through the foam, to get to the place (a basement?) where her captured friend was (maybe with the villain).

So Wings turned to her mother (they both had long, golden hair) and told her to cut them off. Her mother agreed and used a black Sharpie to mark where to reattach her wings (oddly, she didn’t mark around where the wings came out; she marked circles in the front of her shoulders). Her mother then cut off her wings, and Wings began slipping downward amid the foam…and that’s when the dream ended.

What I just described was the end. There was more that I don’t remember as well. I think they were all running around inside the building. Another character may have sacrificed her or his wings for the rest of them or even that person’s life, before Wings’s friend got caught. The villain was similar to Voldemort—someone really horrible.

Star Trek Dream

16 Jun

I had a dream that was supposed to be based on Buddhist scriptures but…. clearly wasn’t. But it switched between me reading sutras and the events happening like a movie or TV show.

There was a place that looked like a Star Trek spaceship, with long, white, curving hallways that had low ceilings. At least two characters were attempting to escape. Guards in red uniforms were chasing them, trying to keep them inside.

Toward the end, two guards caught these two young men who were trying to escape. They were gloating because they caught them.

But then a couple of other guards came chasing after the first two guards, so they let go of their captives and ran. Strangely, this chase was identical to the previous one except for who was doing the chasing and who was being chased.

The two running away went around a curve and aimed to go out a high, rectangular window…by flying. The ones chasing them said the same gloating remarks while laughing, something like, “You can’t go out that way!”

But the two being chased turned around and whipped out giant cartoon mallets and pounded the other two, turning them into a smooshy yellow… liquid.

The ending abruptly devolved into a meaningless and violent cartoon. So much for Buddhist scriptures.


Urgh, this dream sounds suspiciously like it was telling me I need to put more work into spirituality. Or maybe it was just silliness.

A Conference with a Frenemy

8 Jun

I dreamed I was from the future, and a male professor was talking about something written by a Handmaid. I was thinking about a way to interpret it…or was trying to interpret it or figure something out about the Republic of Gilead, while he was still talking.

I dreamed that I traveled to a conference or something with a woman in her 60s who was much more confident…and judgy and brusque and even sharp-tongued…than I.

We arrived at a large building that may have been part of a university or college, and lots of people were coming and going and talking. She led me to our room, where I saw some of our luggage, and she dropped something off and then walked out of the room or led us out of the room.

After leaving our room, I lost her and lost track of where our room was. I spent a long time wandering the hallways and trying to figure out how to get back to our room. Other people were with friends, talking and laughing and full of confidence. I was anxious and wondered about my sanity.

Eventually I found her, and we were back in our room…or rather er, rooms. I think this was more than a weekend conference; we had a lot of clothing. I went into our bathroom, where she had a colorful assortment of clothing hanging up, and it was hard to get around the clothes to reach the toilet. I think I tried to use the toilet but had constipation and gave up. Once I was out of the restroom, she reprimanded me for taking so long, and I felt ashamed and embarrassed.

A cute little orange kitten was in our main room (I think we had each our own bedroom, in addition to a bathroom and living room.) I kept worrying about him but also telling myself that my roommate didn’t seem worried, and he was her kitten, so why should I worry?

The place already looked lived in, with stuff all over. The kitten was on a table, playing with something. I think clothing was strewn all over the place, adding color to a space that was monochromatic light grey (as opposed to the monochromatic white that my educational institution dreams typically are).

I think a few, or a couple, people stopped by and chatted with us, or at least with her, and I kept an eye on the kitten. I was afraid he’d dash out our open door and get lost in the hallway, but I didn’t want anyone to see me closing the door. They might complain that I was closing them in. The kitten was a stray my roommate found.


Now that I’m awake, clearly the dream was about being socially awkward and out of place—that’s not unusual for my dreams, at least since moving away from Portland and looking back and acknowledging how socially inept I’ve been—there and before.

The fact that the architecture inside wasn’t stark white indicates that it wasn’t about learning, really, or wasn’t about learning anything new. Maybe it had to do with stagnancy, being stuck in a state where I keep being the dufus who has no confidence  and just goes along with what others do. The dream didn’t show a healthy friendship; she was the boss and the jerk, and I wasn’t calling her out for being bossy and judgmental. It wasn’t anything like the Worst Frenemy in the Galaxy at her worst, but it was still reminiscent of that relationship and plenty of others. I was the empath, the people pleaser, the one others disrespect and are under the delusion that they’re entitled to talk down to me and walk all over me. I have a dread of returning to situations/relationships like that, so it’s no wonder I’d have such a dream.

Annoying Dreams

7 Jun

I kept having dreams based on The Handmaid’s Tale.

In one, I was in this bedroom and painting the walls. It was an early phase, and I anticipated being executed or sent to the colonies anytime.


I dreamed that I lived in a big old house and was out in the garden. My cat Vita was with me. Or her sister, Virginia…or both. There were white metal patio chairs. It seemed rather autumnal, with a lot of dry, dead leaves lying around instead of things growing out of the ground. A lot of brown, not green.

A large white rabbit, bigger than Virginia—at least as big as the two cats put together—appeared on one of the patio chairs. Vita was fascinated and slinking toward it, and I was struggling to get my phone to take pictures of the creature. At first, I didn’t even know what it was.

Soon both Virginia and Vita were on patio furniture, next to each other, and the rabbit had vanished. I approached the cats, and a little white kitten was on the patio, in front of their chairs. The cats were eyeing the kitten, edging closer out of curiosity.

I came up to the kitten and started petting it and found a lot of fleas. I wished I was carrying Revolution with me and remembered that I still need to give Vita a dose. (This is true in this reality, not just the dream.)

Fleas were getting on my clothing. I went inside to get the Revolution and get the fleas off me. As I entered the kitchen (which looked like the kitchen in the house in Indiana), the fleas seemed to multiply, covering the colorful patterned dress I wore. I stood over a trash container and started wiping them off, and they ended up on top of the white plastic lid, so I went to the sink and started pouring water on my dress. There were also gnats buzzing around.

Random Dreams

2 Jun

I dreamed I was visiting my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew in Phoenix. They were all walking with me down an urban street, and it was raining steadily. It looked more like Chicago, not Phoenix.

My brother stopped at the end of a concrete barrier on the meridian. It had a scooped-out, bowl-shaped end filled with rainwater. A cute talking fish, about the size of one of the larger coi at the chiropractor office, was splashing around in there. It was chatty and animated. He may have found it somewhere else and put it there. I knew the water would dry up, and the fish would die, so I decided to take it with us. Now I forget what I was carrying, but I guess it was a bowl. I managed to scoop up the talking, friendly fish and some water and take it…to an apartment or hotel room where we were staying.

I asked them about a container I could use, and my brother handed me a plastic basin, so I used that for the fish. I was thinking of placing it in a prominent place, the center of the coffee table, when I woke up to a bunch of noise from outside.


I don’t know if this was the same dream, but there was a couple with a baby boy, and they were maybe divorced. They set up an apartment just for the boy–actually, he was a toddler by now–and it had a room with dark burgundy walls. Observing the family in this room, like from an omniscient perspective, I was confused, because I didn’t think the kid was old enough to have his own apartment.


Before that, I kept having dreams set in the world of The Handmaid’s Tale. Not nightmares: just quiet, domestic scenes, such as Serena Joy in her garden and Nick polishing the car. Scenes that I read just yesterday, when I started rereading the book.