Annoying Dreams

7 Jun

I kept having dreams based on The Handmaid’s Tale.

In one, I was in this bedroom and painting the walls. It was an early phase, and I anticipated being executed or sent to the colonies anytime.


I dreamed that I lived in a big old house and was out in the garden. My cat Vita was with me. Or her sister, Virginia…or both. There were white metal patio chairs. It seemed rather autumnal, with a lot of dry, dead leaves lying around instead of things growing out of the ground. A lot of brown, not green.

A large white rabbit, bigger than Virginia—at least as big as the two cats put together—appeared on one of the patio chairs. Vita was fascinated and slinking toward it, and I was struggling to get my phone to take pictures of the creature. At first, I didn’t even know what it was.

Soon both Virginia and Vita were on patio furniture, next to each other, and the rabbit had vanished. I approached the cats, and a little white kitten was on the patio, in front of their chairs. The cats were eyeing the kitten, edging closer out of curiosity.

I came up to the kitten and started petting it and found a lot of fleas. I wished I was carrying Revolution with me and remembered that I still need to give Vita a dose. (This is true in this reality, not just the dream.)

Fleas were getting on my clothing. I went inside to get the Revolution and get the fleas off me. As I entered the kitchen (which looked like the kitchen in the house in Indiana), the fleas seemed to multiply, covering the colorful patterned dress I wore. I stood over a trash container and started wiping them off, and they ended up on top of the white plastic lid, so I went to the sink and started pouring water on my dress. There were also gnats buzzing around.

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