Socially Awkward Dreams

7 Jul

I dreamed that a coyote took money in order to lead people to a magic portal. Another man caught him doing this with a woman he knew and castigated the coyote; the woman hurried off to the portal while this was happening in a field not far from the portal.


I dreamed I was with a few people, I think all female and middle-aged, in an apartment, and I woke up to find that someone had cut my hair. She mentioned cheerfully that she thought it was time I had short hair. I didn’t comment, as I joined everyone at a long table. I was kind of shocked, and the only thing I could console myself with was the thought that it would grow back.

Eventually, I said, “My hair hasn’t been short like this since fourth grade.” I said it to the group on general. Someone replied, not sure what.


Maybe that was the same dream in which a couple people we’d never met were joining us, and one of them had waved red flags online. One woman was utterly unimpressed with Red Flags and assured me that I should block her on social media. So I agreed. But as I looked at a colorful and sparkly collage about Red Flags, and/or made by Red Flags, I realized that this was the person who was really enthusiastic about tarot cards and mysticism and who had therefore caught my interest, and I had expressed enthusiasm for these things. I started feeling anxious and indecisive, like maybe I shouldn’t push her away after all, considering our interests.

Next she arrived, very loud and chatty and gushy.

Ugh, sounds like how some friendships end up with me: we have common interests, but they turn out to be verbally and psychologically abusive.


I dreamed I was at some sort of outdoor festival and felt socially awkward with people I knew who weren’t paying attention to me.

It was dark, there were many picnic benches, and people were talking and eating… and some people were moving away from the picnic benches, because we would be seeing a film soon. I looked at the screen for the film and, after glancing toward where the people I’d been with were sitting, I figured I’d be able to see the screen perfectly where I was.

I was feeling awkward and out of place and noticed that nobody wanted to socialize with me. I assured myself that the film would start soon, and it wouldn’t matter.


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