For the Snark was a Boojum, You See

11 Oct

I dreamed I had the perspective of someone hanging out with a small group of friends. I think I was a snarky jerk, like so many people I’ve disliked over the decades.

We were inside a building. There was a room where most of us were, and it had a large glass window facing the hallway. The door was wide open. Early in the dream, for whatever reason, I said to one of these friends, “Let us know what it’s like to be eaten by a [?].”

Later, a blob-like monster, something like Tenniel’s illustration of the Snark, stood in the hallway just outside the room. I went into the hall and stood beside the creature.

The snark opened its mouth wide.

A friend said, “Let us know what it’s like to be eaten by a snark!”

My right hand was in the snark’s mouth when I jerked it away…. and woke in the acupuncture clinic, having really jerked my hand, which had a needle in it.


My first night at the bed and breakfast, I woke from a nightmare at 4:50 am. It was vivid, and I should have written it down then. It had something to do with being a social pariah. Not the most unusual thing for me. Yes, sometimes I have nightmares about my past, because it had nightmarish times.

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