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Surprise Visit

14 Apr

I have four cats, three of whom take walks on the roof and climb in through a skylight.

A tabby cat just peered in through the skylight.

I don’t have a tabby cat.

Talking Cats and Ramen

23 Jan

I dreamed I was one of three people who died and became cats. We were talking cats in the Bardo or some such place. The three of us gathered together, and I was expecting a dharma talk and expected the other two to be Enlightened, so I was surprised that one of them, a chubby white and brown cat—maybe a short-haired Persian—was curled up in a giant bowl of ramen and spilled noodles over the edge and onto the flat white surface we occupied. This cat was somewhat wiggly and, at the end of the dream, was reaching over the edge to grab the spilled ramen.


Earlier, I dreamed that I just moved to the house in Kansas, but it was a bigger and more elegant house furnished beautifully with antiques, mostly Victorian and Edwardian. Other people were there, but they weren’t nasty relatives harassing me; they were friendly people being nice to me, people I happened to know who’d moved to the area or neighborhood.

I wandered around the house a little and was impressed with the antiques. In one room, I think a bedroom, there was a dark brown cabinet. I thought a yellow armchair was attached to it before I realized that no, it was in front of it.

Someone came to visit, and it was a jerk from elementary and high school, but now he was being nice and polite. In the midst of conversation, I paused and asked, “Wait a minute. You lived in Indiana. What are you doing in Kansas?”

I was so enamored with the house that it wasn’t until toward the end of the dream that I started to remember in the back of my head that this was Kansas, a horrible place full of overt misogynists, and I began to wonder, despite the house, if I could stand dwelling in such a place. (In real life, the answer turned out to be an emphatic NO.)

Dreams of Baubles and Gold

28 Dec

I had a dream in which I was joining a commune or going on a meditation retreat. I was in a plain room with some other people, and a woman in her sixties explained that I couldn’t wear necklaces, so I took out all my necklaces and put them in a bin. I took off my rings and put them in a Ziplock bag, because someone said the only jewelry allowed was earrings, which I don’t wear. But a little later, I noticed people wearing rings, at least wedding rings, so I got a hold of that Ziplock bag and searched for my rings. There were tiny things, such as seed beads. I had found a gold wedding ring recently and was searching for that and other rings I wore to the retreat center, but I searched in vain. I kept searching and searching in that bag.

I had a dream in which I was with a talking cat in a room that didn’t have many furnishings. There was a long table along the far wall. There was a litter box full of used kitty litter… but it also contained tiny gold things here and there. It was gross, but I resorted to using my bare hands to get old the gold stuff, beads and such.

Hmmm, I suspect that last dream has to do with traits that I need to pay more attention to, like being an empath and its significance and working at developing my psychic skills, not throwing them away…or not throwing empath abilities away.

My House has a Wormhole

17 Aug

This house is so weird. The invisible smoke detector is back to chirping, and it seems to be coming from downstairs in the back of the house…just not from any visible smoke detector (and I found 3). That part of the house is in chaos right now, because I had to get everything off the library carpet to redo the floor.

This morning, Virginia followed me when I went to double check a smoke detector that’s upstairs in the back of the house. She asked to get into a crawl space, so I opened a door into one of the crawl spaces, and she walked in.

A few minutes ago, I heard Virginia meowing. I’d forgotten about that crawl space and looked around inside and out, calling for her…before I finally remembered the crawl space and checked it. I haven’t found her yet.

This house has a wormhole or something….

A minute after I wrote the above, Virginia strolled into the living room. Apparently Virginia’s collar is in the wormhole, but I’m glad she isn’t.

Oh, the Dreadful Wind and Rain

7 Apr

The sky is pale grey, almost white, and the Tibetan prayer flags have been dancing in the wind. When I woke, it wasn’t raining yet, and I considered collecting sticks and leaves to put in the yard waste bin, but I figured it’s so windy that dirt would fly into my eyes. After it started pouring outside, I had a better excuse not to do yard work.

I’m more in the mood for writing today, anyway, so I turned on my computer and just finished a round of revising a middle grade fantasy novel. It’s one of those really fun, escapist writing projects, a sequel to my self-published novel Rowanwick Witches, Lesson 1: Spells and Enchantments (which, incidentally, is available on I currently have this sequel as Lesson 3, but I haven’t written more than thirty pages of Lesson 2. I intend to publish them in order and have Lesson 2 come out in October, even if I have to switch the numbers around.


The wind was so blustery and forceful today that it blew open the side door, and the cats got out.

Before I knew this, I looked out the kitchen window and saw my panther Haedrig, who’s supposed to stay indoors, out in the back yard, chewing on grass. I hadn’t seen petite Vita all morning. Wondering if they found a secret tunnel, I searched the house…and soon found the wide-open door. I’m guessing I didn’t lock it last time I took recycling through the door, or at least not the deadbolt.

During a downpour, I checked around the house, and Haedrig was back inside, glaring at me resentfully. Vita jumped inside through the open window, which I promptly closed. Back to writing.

Wacky Vita

6 Apr

After the vet said there should be litter boxes on every floor of the house, I bought a small, domed litter box and put it in the upstairs powder room.

Shortly thereafter, my petite black cat, Vita, reached into the litter box and, using her teeth, she pulled the filter out of the top. She ran off with it, and later I saw her playing with it as though it were a toy mouse. Sometimes I marvel at how cats’ minds work.

Hippies, Apartments, Cats

28 Jan

I dreamed that I was one of three friends in our twenties–they were a pair of blond hippies, one a tall and slender male with long hair and a beard, and maybe they were a couple. We had plans to meet up at a restaurant, and I got there first and was sitting at a round table and picturing them and thinking of them. The restaurant was kind of crowded, and there was a large group right behind me. I thought about how people tended to disapprove of the three of us, because of our insistence on hanging out together, only three of us, and not joining larger groups.

I think I had a dream set in a theater. Yes, I went in through a side door and was in a dark hallway….

I had a dream in which I lived in a charming old apartment like in St. Louis but much larger, with guest rooms. I was outdoors chatting with someone, when I noticed–I think through a chain-link fence–that my cats Vita and Virginia got outdoors. So I excused myself and headed back to my apartment, went inside, and went in the back yard.


Next I was inside and seeing the many doorways of the apartment. It had hardwood floors and white walls and old-fashioned paneled, white doors. I got to the back door, which strangely was ajar. Outside, I spotted Virginia again right away; it was a small yard, and she was in the center. But she was with a little grey tabby kitten instead of Vita. There was a deep hole, and down inside the hole was a woman wearing a work helmet. She was suspended from a rope.

The kitten ran for the hole and fell in, past the woman, to my utter horror. But it was okay and came back up, and I picked the kitten up off the grass and felt very relieved and conversed a bit about it with the woman, but without mentioning this wasn’t my kitten. It was a little weird–I acted as though this were my kitten.