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Challenges with Multiple Cats

30 Oct

Virginia helped me cut out my Handmaid’s Tale cloak. Her attention span for the project was sadly lacking. When she scampered off, Gabriel decided to burrow under the fabric and disguise himself as Little Red Riding Hood.


I’m going to plug Felliway (a cat relaxer) in lots of rooms and see if that prevents Virginia and Vita from pissing on stuff. I think it’s both of them, not only because I caught Vita doing it when she was a kitten, but also because today a shirt had fallen to the floor, and she was on it, and it was full of piss. I also need to be careful not to drop fabric or clothing on the floor; in other words, this should be incentive to be less messy. Should. In a few years, I’ll replace most of the carpeting (library and 2 upstairs bedrooms) with tile and/or hardwood, so they won’t want to piss on the carpet. And I just ordered a cat fence for a large part of the backyard. The things I do for my cats.


On another note….today I thought a pedestrian was wearing a Wolfman costume. As he came closer, I realized he was hipster with long hair, a full beard, and sunglasses.


Magician Cats

21 Oct

I’ve lived in this quirky house for a year and a month. It’s been a while since my petite black cat, Vita, either found an exit from the back of the house (actually, an apartment) to the outdoors, or developed a magical ability to disappear from the apartment and appear outdoors. For months, Vita was the only one who did this. Eventually, all the cats figured out how to do it; thus in order to keep all the cats inside, I must keep a certain door closed. I’m still not sure how they do it, although I have a theory: the bottom of one upstairs crawlspace has a square aperture that leads down…somewhere…possibly into the laundry room.


Because it’s October and cat-hating psychopaths are allegedly on the loose, torturing and murdering cats this time of year, I’m keeping my cats indoors. (Hopefully one of these days I’ll either have a catio or a special cat fence, something I found while searching online for “catio.”) However, Vita and her sister, Virginia, have managed to get outdoors a couple times this month, and they have a new magic power.

They can magically go from outdoors to another upstairs crawl space, the one that leads to my bedroom.

I closed off that crawlspace a long time ago, because a contractor said someone was using it for a litter box. It’s a pity, since this crawlspace attracted all the cats when we moved into the house. Strangely, after Vita or Virginia goes outside, she ends up mewing from inside the upstairs crawlspace. I must enter a closet and pry a board away from the wall in order to get the cat out of the crawlspace. This is just too weird.

Haedrig’s Return

11 Oct


I finally have Haedrig, a very skittish cat, closed inside for the first time since spring. He’s officially not allowed out anymore (like he was in Portland). After we moved, he and Neko came in and out in the fall and winter like the other cats but blew me off again in the spring. I keep kicking myself because, in hindsight, I really should have shut that cat door in the winter rather than assuming they wouldn’t run off in the spring, in warmer weather. However, they were downright affectionate in fall in winter, so it didn’t occur to me.

Shortly before midnight last night, I was sitting on a stool in the kitchen, lights out, and facing the open window. For 2 days, I kept the window closed so that Haedrig couldn’t do his usual: sneak in, eat, and run out the moment I start moving toward him. Gabriel was about to jump out the window, when Haedrig appeared on the sill and spotted me. I sat very still, bowed my head, and pretended to fall asleep. He jumped down to the counter, and Gabriel jumped up to the window. I glanced up but lowered my head and again pretended to doze off…until I heard Haedrig jump to the floor. Then I lunged forward and closed the window/cat door.

He’s mostly been hiding upstairs. He’s acting like he did when I adopted him 2 years ago, so it’s like starting over again.

Venturing out into the smoke

4 Sep

Portland is snowing ash. Portland, Eugene, and other parts of Oregon look like the sky right in front of me: smoky and somewhat orange, with a glowing orange sun. For days, I have been smelling smoke, sometimes even from inside my house. When I ventured outside yesterday—coughing, mind you—I discovered that the public pool was closed due to the hazardous air quality, so I went to a nearby coffee shop, where several of the customers were wearing surgical masks. That reminded me of the handmade cloth masks I saw for sale in Tibet, and I’m going to make myself one today. I should have already done so.

I am absolutely FURIOUS that the narcissistic sociopath squatting in the White House pretends that climate change doesn’t exist and is an invention of the Chinese! Who from planet Earth doesn’t believe in climate change in the year 2017?!? This is proof that Donald Dump and his minions are aliens from another planet, probably Rexicoricus…whatever it’s called. Dump needs to be deported back to his planet.

We need to care about the planet we live on, which is planet Earth. We need to have a government that isn’t so evil and insane that it pretends that climate change doesn’t exist. We see it happening before our very eyes. Oregon is burning. Texas and Louisiana are drowning in flood. We are seeing record high temperatures everywhere. Meanwhile, that heartless monster Donald Dump is fiddling.

On a more cheerful note….

Before painting the living room, I bought enough burgundy/cream paisley for the front living room window curtains, but I painted the walls crimson instead of burgundy. The curtains look great with the maroon and magenta guestroom; since it has 2 windows, I went shopping for more curtain fabric. I didn’t find it, but I found spacecat fabric for a 1950s-style dress.


Violent Dream

5 Aug

What was I dreaming about before I woke to Virginia vomiting? And while it was dark, what was I dreaming about before waking to the sound of a cat fight (and going outdoors…to discover that it was happening several doors down and the sound really carries, which is reassuring because it means my cats aren’t the cause of such noises, never mind that I still intend to have a catio).

Toward the end of this dream, the guy who was probably the protagonist stepped out of a building (where he had been conversing with a female friend) and into what looked like a large garage. There was space for many vehicles. He approached his, when someone came up behind him. This someone was a Hispanic guy with a gun, and Guy 1 was in trouble because of something he did in the past. The Hispanic guy spoke with him, and like in a TV show, it came out in the conversation what he previously did. Guy 2 was just about to shoot Guy 1, when a Hispanic woman came into the garage and shot Guy 2, thus saving Guy 1.

There was a lot more to the dream before that. I think it was mainly a conversation in a bar. Now that I’m a little more awake, it seemed more than a little like a TV show. It’s the second violent dream I’ve had in the past, oh, month.

The Peeing Avenger

1 Jul

At about 7 this morning, I learned that if I’m up most of the night and ignore Virginia because I want to go to sleep, she will pee on my ankles and sheet.

Ignoring her is definitely not my usual behavior. She’s sweet and affectionate and needs as much attention as a dog. However, I was wrapped up in unpacking and organizing around the house and hadn’t felt like sleeping earlier.

One Hour later: I made a point of cuddling her all she wanted.

Two hours later: Still not sleeping, I jerked up in reaction to the sound of s shrieking bird. Sure enough, Virginia was dangling from her mouth a terrified, screaming little bird. I chased her around—and she growled at me!—but eventually I picked her up, and she dropped the bird. I carried her to the powder room, grabbed a towel, and closed her in the small room. I used the towel to catch the bird and took it outside. When I placed the towel on the patio and began to unwrap the bird, it was still scared and opened its mouth wide and shrieked again. I went inside and waited a few minutes to retrieve the vacant towel. Fly far, far away, little bird.

My mind on catio designs, I finally fell asleep sometime after 9 am.

Virginia’s Latest Gift

20 Jun

I was dreaming that my mother was still alive, and we had this basement workshop where we seemed to have a clothing-making business. My mother showed me a knit shirt that was russet and featured a photo-like picture in the center front, an antique photo of a Native American old woman. She said it appeared because I had the internet open to that page.

She chastised me for being into prints or patterns, and s he said we weren’t going to use those anymore. To demonstrate, she showed me a couple of sweaters…one of which was brown and white, in a pattern reminiscent of a trellis. I told her that’s a pattern, and she didn’t comment.

I woke to a cat meowing, and when I stepped into the hallway, I saw what appeared to be two dead rats. I got a couple of used cuppa soup cups to scoop them and take them outside…and noticed one of them moving as little. As I was scooping the first one, it really came to life…and although it was about the size of a small full-grown mouse, it seemed like a baby.

Neither was bleeding, that I could see, and they both turned out to be alive. I suspect that they’re baby rats or some other rodent. It fully sank it after I took them to the edge of the front yard. I hope they’ll be okay. I hope they’re not newborn possums. No, probably baby rats.

Gabriel was the only one who seemed particularly interested in them, which has a disturbing connotation, since he doesn’t normally bother rodents. It seemed more like something Vita or Virginia would do, though so far they’ve only brought me two mice, and they were both dead. Coming to think of it, they were about twice as big as these two, so maybe they’re large mice…or little rats. I think they weren’t moving much because they were in shock.


Slightly later

It’s Virginia. She just brought another one! Or she found where I put them. She seems to be gumming them.


Latest update: Virginia brought four baby rats total, all of which I took and put in bushes in a far corner of my front yard. Perhaps if I had been wide awake, I might have searched the back yard for a nest, or for rat parents.