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Empath Dog Detects Bad Vibes

11 Dec

Visiting family for the holidays involves, for me, walking my brother’s dog. Last time I visited, it turned out that she (the dog, Chanel, a Bichon Frise) enjoyed the walks I gave her, because I took her much further than my brother did. In the morning, she’d wait outside the guest bedroom door for me to take her for a walk.

Now that the family members I’m visiting have recently purchased a house, they no longer live a few blocks from a nature preserve where I frequently hiked with or without the dog. However, they live right across the street from a park. On my latest walk with Chanel, we were in this park after dark, when two people came up behind us on the paved path flanked by palm trees. Chanel barked at them, to my astonishment; normally she only barks at the house, her territory. We kept walking, and the couple kept walking behind us, and I felt uncomfortable and wished they’d go somewhere else.

At the duck pond, I stopped to watch the ducks, as usual: two large white ducks, numerous mallards, two black ducks, and at least two duck breeds I can’t name. As usual, Chanel showed no interest in the ducks or the pond. While I admired the ducks, the couple came further up the path and caught up with us. They remained on the path and passed us, and Chanel watched them suspiciously. I still felt very uncomfortable with them and hoped they’d keep walking, far away. Instead, they stopped and glared at Chanel. One of them snapped, “What are you looking at!” Thoroughly creeped out and weirded out, I led Chanel away from them and hurried up the path that circles the pond. I felt eager to get away from those people…and concluded that Chanel had reason to dislike those people. It still struck me as strange, though, that she would bark at someone away from her territory…but not as strange as their hostile reaction toward her. Most people in the park considered her cute.

Back at the house, I told my brother about this incident. He pointed out that Chanel has a tendency to bark at people who have bad vibes. Good doggy.