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Random College Party Dream

19 Apr

I had a dream that was from different characters’ perspectives, mostly college kids, maybe a professor.

There was a huge party/concert at a large, modern, glass-doored building that I think was on campus. A straight-laced black male student, probably a senior, was supervising this event, making sure people who arrive had invitations or such.

The end of the dream was entirely from the perspective of a petite blond girl (who looked exactly like a specific British actress, Hannah Murray). She showed up with her skinny black boyfriend. They were both high or became so during the course of the evening. At some point, they were lurking and giggling in the main hallway, and she called her dad and in a cheerful voice asked him to get her birth control (or a condom), “because I don’t want to get pregnant.” Oddly, her father soon briefly showed up in the lobby looking clean-cut, in his thirties, and wearing a navy-blue business suit; he seemed to be in a hurry. Her dad barely noticed her as he kept walking, and they didn’t interact.

At the far end of this lobby, which could also be called a big hallway, an open door on the left led to the huge room where the party/concert was taking place. The lighting was dark and blue, and that room was very loud and packed. At the far end was a stage on which a band was singing and playing. The blond girl hovered near the doorway with her boyfriend but was reluctant to go inside.

They’d apparently been there for a long time. The clean-cut black student suddenly showed up and glared at them. “Are you still here?” he asked sternly. He then said something else, while the half-unconscious boyfriend hid behind the blond, and she got nervous and backed away while hiding her boyfriend, threw on a yellow and black silk robe, covering both of them, and pulled up the hood as she turned and hurried out, with her boyfriend seemingly hidden behind her—at least, she believed he was successfully hidden. He was able to keep up with her despite his half-unconscious state.

They went out the front glass doors with her still in the lead. Outside, dawn had come and mostly gone; it was sunny with a pink tinge. She walked along on pavement and was looking down and seeing various dry autumn leaves scattered on the pavement and bright green grass. A few other students were walking along, coming and going. Still leading the way while they both wore the robe, she decided to head for her boyfriend’s dorm room (or apartment—it seemed more like an apartment in my mind’s eye). The last image I recall from this dream was a grey concrete-looking door surrounded by vines.

This was one of those dreams that just don’t seem to have any interpretation and seem quite…out of the blue. And maybe that’s not entirely true, since college/university has to do with learning, and in the past I’ve had college dreams that were definitely related to how I was, at the time, learning a great deal about Buddhism and about my mother’s side of the family. Additionally, a party suggests that I’m not being sociable enough. The actress still seems random, and I don’t know if there’s anything odd about how I often dream about—and from the perspective of—people I don’t know in this reality.


An Architecture Dream

12 Apr

I dreamed that I was visiting a slender, elegant, blond woman at her apartment and wasn’t the only guest; the other was a friend who arrived with me. We sat down to a long table in her dining room, where the paneled walls were an old and faded mixture of off-white and pale green. They may have been solid green originally, over 200 years ago. I became really fascinated by a particular wall, because matched into the paneling and not quite fitting together were two large, tall rectangles, also paneled like the rest of the wall. It was as though two rectangles had been cut out of the wall and later replaced. Gazing at this wall in fascination, I said, “They used to be windows!” We talked about that for a bit.

The old building belonged to this arrogant white man, youngish and good-looking and blond–he could have been his tenant’s brother. I think it was before I was in her dining room, there was a scene in a very large room with him overseeing and yelling at workers.

An eighteenth-century apartment was on wheels, each room folded up so that they were all these tall, upright, paneled, wooden boxes on casters. The boxes were much larger than coffins. These workers were moving them around. Some of the upright wooden boxes were blue, or white, or paper yellow. The workers were moving them around, lining them up.

While we were in the dining room, we were disturbed by something pushing against a wall. The tenant was annoyed with her landlord and pushed back.

Next, the scene was back to the landlord and workers with the apartment on wheels, and they were perplexed that one of the rooms moved slightly on its own.

It seems that the room we occupied used Time Lord technology (which only just occurred to me–not in the dream), because it was one of the boxes on wheels. It wasn’t a large room, but based on the exteriors of the rooms on wheels, we couldn’t have all fit in there, and the dimensions were off.

Sinister Dreams

31 Mar

I dreamed I was at home in a place with a large and almost empty front room, with a central front door, wooden floor, and a central back door leading into another room. To the right of the back door, a white TV was attached to the wall, and it was turned on to a science fiction show, maybe from the 1960s.

There was a knock on the front door, so I hastened to turn off the TV, but it wouldn’t turn off–I couldn’t figure out how. There was another, louder knock, and the scary black uniforms barged right in. The person in front, a skinny and young blond woman with a clipboard, brusquely asked me a question. I was offended not only because of how they arrived, but they weren’t even slightly polite. As a hint, I said, “Hello,” twice, and when they didn’t take a hint, I rolled my eyes and answered the question.

There were several of these sinister black uniforms reminiscent of riot police, and they charged in and started searching.

I’m not sure if they left…I think this was after they left, although a man was to my right, in the corner, and he seemed like a customer (the space seemed kind of like a bar, maybe I just bought it). I suddenly charged toward that corner to again try turning off the TV, and as I was touching the knobs, it transformed into…. something like a brown metal parking meter. And behind it, against the wall where the TV had been, was a cigarette machine.


I dreamed I was in another world, and there were a lot of other people around, and I think there was a rocky shoreline, like much of the Oregon Coast. There were lots of tall rocks, and people were around them. I wanted to climb at least one of them, and it felt like an important journey or mission. I don’t remember why it was important.

I approached this one tall rock that slanted away in a dramatic incline. There were men standing next to it and on it, seated on the edge with their legs dangling. I started climbing this rock, and it was very difficult, because it was sharply sloped and slick, and I didn’t have much to grab onto. I wasn’t using a bungee cord, just bare hands. The men standing and sitting were all companionable, chatting pleasantly. I was the only one who seemed to have urgent motivation.

Suddenly, while I was on the rock, it became extremely windy and rainy, and I couldn’t understand what people were saying over the roaring wind, and I was having trouble holding onto the rock. I was lying along the top and clinging to the high edge, so I had gotten all the way to the highest point, when the wind hit. At this point, I was aware that I was a young man, and a little boy was hanging from one of my hands while I clung to the rock with only one hand, and the wind was making me slip. The boy was either my son or my younger brother.

Farm Dream

28 Mar

I dreamed I was the assistant of perhaps a detective (I was a young person and he was a middle-aged man), and he drove us to a farm, where we saw a white and brown cow. He said something odd that may have been a joke, like, “If we stole two calves from their cows, they’d come running after us.”

Soon I saw a red baby horse in the front yard–a big space with a wooden fence and it–and it approached me, and I started petting it through the fence.

Members of this farming family came out and glared at us. There was a husband and wife who were maybe sixty years old and lots of family members ranging in age from between eight and forty.

Next, we were having a civil conversation in the spacious living room, with the detective asking lots of questions and me silently petting a cat.

Then we were seated in a circle in the back yard, and it came up in conversation that we’d have to come back later, for dinner. I mentioned that he’s a great cook, and that interested the farmers. I found myself wondering how they’d react if he made a vegan dinner.

We were crossing a yard to return to the car, and it looked different from the earlier yard. It was cluttered with little things like rusty tools, and the grass was very short where there was grass. In the dream’s reality, my yard was similar but not as extreme, so I felt better about my messy yard.


I vaguely recall repeatedly having dreams in which Victorian women earn, in the 1870s, were having seances. I wish I remember those dreams better! They were throughout the night.

Workplace Dream

27 Mar

I dreamed I had a strange workplace. There was a sort of stage made of wood planks or bamboo that led to glass entrance doors for a shop that5 sold toys with East Asian influence, at least on the bottom level. Inside that space, I looked up at a balcony…I’m so distracted by this phone changing everything I type into gibberish that it’s fading.

On the second level balcony or loft, I recall a glass front, like a dollhouse with a protective sheet of clear glass covering the open side. Behind the glass were people in impressive Japanese costumes—kimonos—gathering in what appeared to be a performance. They formed a triangle in two or three levels, kind of like cheerleaders.

I had a camera with me, and after going back out the door with my group of friends, I felt an urge to go in and take a photo of the group. But when I went back in, they were running around instead of posing in a triangle.

Back outside, I gazed in the distance to the left. There was a walkway that turned into a rocky path. The path wasn’t under a roof, I could see, since a little rain was coming down on it. Some people, one with a stroller, were going up the path, and I was very curious about this path and didn’t understand why I had never gone up it previously and wished to do so soon, and I was looking forward to it.

Ghostly Dream

25 Mar

I dreamed that I was an assistant to a paranormal investigator, a tall and maybe arrogant and bossy man, white or Latino, who wore a brown sweater and a scarf. (That sounds a bit Doctor Who-ish.) We were in a mansion with an impressive staircase leading to several floors, and it was fairly dark inside. On an upper floor the railing seemed to continue away from the staircase–perhaps like a loft overlooking a tall-ceilinged room.

At some point, upstairs, we saw a ghost or painting with someone wearing a scarf similar to his, and he got into an argument with that person, because one of these 2 individuals, either the ghost or the investigator, accused the other of wearing his scarf. Oh, it was the ghost accusing the investigator; the accusation was that he stole it.

While we communicated with one ghost, another piggybacked it, wanting attention, and this ghost was literally riding on the back of the first.


I dreamed that Barrack Obama was at a monument (it looked rather like Greek ruins, with columns), and he was on TV, publicly announcing the overthrow of Donald Dump and his administration. I started writing him a thank-you letter…and my alarm woke me.

A Dream About Needing Solitude

15 Mar

I dreamed that I lived in a modern, 2-story condo with many rooms and many windows. I felt very fatigued and went upstairs to take a nap, and my bedroom was kind of like this one, in that my bed faced a window…though I don’t think it was a skylight. The room was mustard yellow, like the sewing room here. I had just lain down, when a loud helicopter came and was right outside my window. It looked like someone in the helicopter was looking in at me. Then it dipped down, and another helicopter, just above it, was in its place, spying on me through my bedroom window.

As though I heard a knock at the front door instead of 2 sinister helicopters at my window, I resolved to get up and give up in the nap, because clearly these helicopter people wanted to speak to me. So I got out of bed and went downstairs.

I walked down a long, unfurnished room, where on my left was a row of windows that slid open sideways, like windows from the 1950s-70s. It was grey outside, and I didn’t see much. There were small rooms here and there, and I turned…and just as I entered a room, I saw a dad and a little kid and realized I’d walked into someone else’s apartment/condo, so J turned and hastily left. In another part of the house, a couple of more or less young guys were having a lively conversation, so again I walked away. It occurred to me that it was hard to tell when I’d left my condo and entered someone else’s. Confusing.

This dream was about wanting solitude and privacy and having trouble getting it. All the people I stumbled upon were white males, even the child. So maybe that represented how I’m tired of white male supremacy and very much interested in the perspectives of women and people of color in a society that shoves white male privilege and white male perspectives in your face.