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Downton Abbey and Pixies

21 Oct

I dreamed that the people of Downton Abbey were immortal. I had the perspective of someone in the kitchen, near a long table, and astonished to see these people in modern clothes, even t-shirts. There were many, bustling around and heading for the table, where a lot of people sat down.

I don’t know if this was the same dream. It was an old-fashioned kitchen, and there were several people, mostly sitting at the long table and chatting. But there were tiny pixies, too.

One pixie, mostly green, was lying barely conscience on a pan on the stove. A human walked up to her and helped themselves to a pieceĀ of… her outfit? Like it was a slice of pizza or lasagna. The pixie groaned, and nobody paid attention… except pixies across the room who may have been plotting her rescue.