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Time Travel Can Be Confusing

17 Feb

In the middle of January, it sank into my consciousness that this is the year 2018. It is already one hundred years since the year 1918. I could swear it was only yesterday when Prince Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, but here it is over a hundred years since then!

I Googled “end WWI” and learned that the end of World War I was November 11, 2018. I wonder if many people will comment on that in social media or if there’ll be an article or blog about it.


I have a Folkwear pattern for an Armistice blouse, in addition to numerous other 1910s-style clothing patterns, so hopefully I’ll have made at least one outfit from that era, including of course the Armistice blouse. I’ve been feeling like dressing like a suffragist, which is why I have these patterns (and fabric) accumulating of late, never mind that I have trouble completing projects and tend to procrastinate a great deal.