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A Theater, a Staircase, and a Corgi

22 Nov

I dreamed that a theater group was doing a play set in an Eastern European house, and they grabbed me to play an extra. Unfortunately, I wasn’t familiar with the play and nobody told me what I was supposed to do, before I was in costume (a white blouse and a boldly patterned wrap-around skirt that felt like it was going to slide off) and on the set, but which appeared to be in someone’s basement.

The stage was just a section of the grey concrete floor. I stood upstage center and clutched some kitchen tools in my left hand, while I watched the real actors perform. To my right was a stove, and I think beyond that was shelving, storing lots of kitchen stuff. To my left was a counter and more kitchen stuff. I came to wish I was wearing an apron and realized I was acting more like an audience member than an actor, so I turned and looked down at the tools in my hand and paid attention to what a couple of men were doing to my right. They had become curious about a couple of antique iron cornbread forms or sort of muffin tins and were pressing what looked like crumbled daisies into them.

I was strictly an observer even while on stage, and the real actors were ignoring me and not interacting me during my “performance.”

I checked an online dream dictionary that indicated that dreaming of a theater reflects your present social life. Hmmm.


I dreamed I was walking down many flights of stairs at one end of what I think was a tall abandoned building. When I reached the last, bottom flight, I was in an eerie basement, and all this sand-like dust was flying upward somehow, in slow motion. It created a hazy atmosphere. I felt afraid and wondered if something evil lurked in the basement. I was afraid I was going to be killed and considered turning around and going back up.

Next, I was with a small group of people and telling them about the dream, and they didn’t seem as fascinated as I was.


I had a dream in which I got off a plane and drove partway from the airport, but because I had a magic or super hero ability to walk extremely fast, I went by foot, leaving my car in a rural area surrounded by cornfields. I was walking along between 2 fields.

Later, I was with a few people at a motel. They included my mother (who died last year) and brother, in addition to people I don’t know in this reality, some family friends. And there was a corgi.

I thought of this as a temporary living situation but seemed very moved in, or at least someone was, and with lots of stuff, books and figurines, all over the hotel room. It even had a couch, and at some point, I was lounging on it. There was a sense of waiting. Oh, yes: this was after we all ate out for lunch. I took a nap afterward and felt impatient to eat out for dinner with everyone, but then I reflected that it seemed like all I did was eat and sleep, like Garfield the cat. I was appalled at myself and didn’t mention dinner.

We all agreed it was time to go out, and I explained I needed to go get my car, because I left it not far from the airport. I felt like being sociable–that seems like a big part of my dream. So as we went out of the hotel room and were walking along the concrete walkway just outside it, I had a grocery cart and the corgi on a leash. I noticed a tiny wagon with some of my stuff in it, particularly a bunch of clothes (including a red plaid flannel shirt), so while everyone was still walking, I quickly scooped up the clothing and put it in the grocery cart I was pushing.

I was planning on going and getting the car and perhaps not bringing anyone except the corgi. At the moment, or before I scooped up the clothing, I considered putting the corgi in the cart.


Dreams of Highways, Detectives, and Criminals

21 Nov

I dreamed that one other person and I were fighting with a violent criminal who looked just like a Bollywood star, Akshay Kumar (who played the psychiatrist in Bhul Bhulaiyaah). It was dark out and at the edge of a highway, and there may have been a wrecked car nearby, or a parked vehicle of some sort. I managed to finally be on top of him with my knee in his back as I held his wrists together. I was impatient for police to arrive and take over, but when they did, they let him go. I felt very disappointed, diminished, invalidated, and betrayed.

It’s reminiscent of the overtly misogynistic attitude of not believing women but only men; if a male steps up and objects to sexual harassment or something, then people finally take it seriously; when men got PTSD during WWI, suddenly it was taken seriously instead of diminished as “hysteria.”


I had a dream about a father-daughter detective duo. The father was a very tall guy who looked like Robert Thurman, I think. The daughter was pretty and maybe 20 years old with a round face and long, straight, strawberry blond hair. The creepy thing was people often assumed they were a couple, despite the age gap. At some point, they were in what looked like a lab or hospital and standing beside each other between a counter and a slab. He said something about her mother, maybe wanting her to help in the investigation.


Oh, yeah: I had a dream involving a highway but it was weird–like a highway where people walk, or where sometimes people are driving and then suddenly they’re walking instead. I was behind a huge crowd of vehicles/people. A cop was chasing a couple of male criminals (or alleged criminals) right ahead of me. At a turnoff, I caught up with them, and we were people on foot at this point. They weren’t allowed to turn off or were waiting for something and blocking my path, so I had to step around them and felt awkward about it.

Challenges with Multiple Cats

30 Oct

Virginia helped me cut out my Handmaid’s Tale cloak. Her attention span for the project was sadly lacking. When she scampered off, Gabriel decided to burrow under the fabric and disguise himself as Little Red Riding Hood.


I’m going to plug Felliway (a cat relaxer) in lots of rooms and see if that prevents Virginia and Vita from pissing on stuff. I think it’s both of them, not only because I caught Vita doing it when she was a kitten, but also because today a shirt had fallen to the floor, and she was on it, and it was full of piss. I also need to be careful not to drop fabric or clothing on the floor; in other words, this should be incentive to be less messy. Should. In a few years, I’ll replace most of the carpeting (library and 2 upstairs bedrooms) with tile and/or hardwood, so they won’t want to piss on the carpet. And I just ordered a cat fence for a large part of the backyard. The things I do for my cats.


On another note….today I thought a pedestrian was wearing a Wolfman costume. As he came closer, I realized he was hipster with long hair, a full beard, and sunglasses.

Magician Cats

21 Oct

I’ve lived in this quirky house for a year and a month. It’s been a while since my petite black cat, Vita, either found an exit from the back of the house (actually, an apartment) to the outdoors, or developed a magical ability to disappear from the apartment and appear outdoors. For months, Vita was the only one who did this. Eventually, all the cats figured out how to do it; thus in order to keep all the cats inside, I must keep a certain door closed. I’m still not sure how they do it, although I have a theory: the bottom of one upstairs crawlspace has a square aperture that leads down…somewhere…possibly into the laundry room.


Because it’s October and cat-hating psychopaths are allegedly on the loose, torturing and murdering cats this time of year, I’m keeping my cats indoors. (Hopefully one of these days I’ll either have a catio or a special cat fence, something I found while searching online for “catio.”) However, Vita and her sister, Virginia, have managed to get outdoors a couple times this month, and they have a new magic power.

They can magically go from outdoors to another upstairs crawl space, the one that leads to my bedroom.

I closed off that crawlspace a long time ago, because a contractor said someone was using it for a litter box. It’s a pity, since this crawlspace attracted all the cats when we moved into the house. Strangely, after Vita or Virginia goes outside, she ends up mewing from inside the upstairs crawlspace. I must enter a closet and pry a board away from the wall in order to get the cat out of the crawlspace. This is just too weird.

Haedrig’s Return

11 Oct


I finally have Haedrig, a very skittish cat, closed inside for the first time since spring. He’s officially not allowed out anymore (like he was in Portland). After we moved, he and Neko came in and out in the fall and winter like the other cats but blew me off again in the spring. I keep kicking myself because, in hindsight, I really should have shut that cat door in the winter rather than assuming they wouldn’t run off in the spring, in warmer weather. However, they were downright affectionate in fall in winter, so it didn’t occur to me.

Shortly before midnight last night, I was sitting on a stool in the kitchen, lights out, and facing the open window. For 2 days, I kept the window closed so that Haedrig couldn’t do his usual: sneak in, eat, and run out the moment I start moving toward him. Gabriel was about to jump out the window, when Haedrig appeared on the sill and spotted me. I sat very still, bowed my head, and pretended to fall asleep. He jumped down to the counter, and Gabriel jumped up to the window. I glanced up but lowered my head and again pretended to doze off…until I heard Haedrig jump to the floor. Then I lunged forward and closed the window/cat door.

He’s mostly been hiding upstairs. He’s acting like he did when I adopted him 2 years ago, so it’s like starting over again.

I found my spare reading glasses!

2 Jul

I can read and write! Huzzah!

On Tuesday, I went to the public pool without a glasses case; after I slipped my glasses into my locker, I pulled out something else, and my glasses flew out and hit the floor. I hastily picked them up and put them back in the locker. It wasn’t until after I spent an hour and a half in the pool that I noticed I was missing a lens. I searched around where the glasses fell…and on my way out, I saw the broken lens lying in the lobby.

I rushed to LensCrafters and made an appointment for the next morning. Because I wear progressive lenses, they weren’t in stock, so I’ve been reading through one lens and holding my hand over my left eye (when not squinting).

Since my usual reading and writing haven’t been an option, I’ve been unpacking and organizing around the house. I took stuff to a thrift store, filled up the recycle bin, framed some family photos, and found lots of lovely things. But now I can get back to reading and writing and sewing! I’m certainly looking forward to those new glasses. Best to go to the eye doctor while you still have health insurance.

Kind of Nightmares

10 Jun

I had a dream in which I was expecting a bunch of visitors–relatives, unfortunately.

Or I was a visitor and my brother was expecting them.

I lived in a building in which there was a large lobby or lounge room with couches forming a big circle, and my apartment door faced this room. I dozed off on a couch in front of my door, and when I woke, I noticed that a lot of other people lay on couches, and I recognized most of them as relatives. I was extremely ill at ease with them.

I got up and went into my apartment and surveyed the main room. It was beautiful and colorful. I had decorated it by buying old wooden furniture and painting it in bright colors. There was a wooden bench with arms that ended in fanciful curls, and I think I had painted it cranberry-red with pink accents. Something else was turquoise and blue. There was a rug that helped to give the room a vaguely Victorian look. The furniture and decor sort of circled the rug, for it was all around the edges of the room, probably against the walls, though the effect was an oval, and this was probably a rectangular room. The only practical things I remember were seats and maybe brightly painted furniture. It could have been taken for a shop display. Tall vases and statues and such. There was no tv or anything of that sort.

I was proud of how I decorated, but I didn’t think nasty relatives would be impressed, and I definitely didn’t have enough space for them all and dreaded associating with them. I knew my dad and brother would be there, and that was consolation.

Later in the dream, lots of relatives were in my brother’s studio apartment, which had very high ceilings. There was some bustling about and moving of furniture, to make room for so many people and for what I think was a party, perhaps a family reunion. I felt curious about the decor but socially awkward and lost; nobody acknowledged my existence.

To my astonishment, someone (perhaps me) opened a door and revealed a storage room at least as big as the main room and with an extremely tall ceiling. This was a very modern place, and the storage room might have been a closet at the Oregon Convention Center. There were many rows of stacked chairs and such, and a lot of open space with a dark blue industrial carpet. A couple of guys peered in the room with me and were impressed. With so many people there, I figured we might be hanging out in the storage room, even though it had no windows. It was spotless and sparsely furnished.

Here was another dream:

I dreamed that I went to this beautiful, old, big Crafstman house that was open to the public. I think part of it was a craft store or craft workshop, since many people (including me) were using it that way at one point. There were a lot of people in this big room with tables and cubbyholes. I was younger and I think an art student–it seems like the project I was working on was for a class. It involved creating a little 3D room and its contents out of mixed media. I had a craft book that had the original ide for it, which suggests it wasn’t for a class after all. I oddly cut an image out of that book before realizing that this messed up the instructions and the images in the book.

At some point in the dream, I returned through the same porch room with two female friends who were delighted like I was. One of them had shoulder-length, dark red hair. But after we climbed a short flight of stairs and entered that room, where I was again delighted to see the striped loveseat, I don’t recall interacting with them anymore.

I may have things a bit out of order; it seems like I may have had a partner on the craft project, so maybe they were involved in that, but it also seems like the partner was a gay guy who disappeared in the big workshop, so I ultimately was working on it by myself.

I also explored some of the rooms, beautifully and colorfully furnished with antiques. I think one of the rooms was a conservatory, since it had a lot of garden statuary. In that room or another, I was particularly struck by a charming little loveseat upholstered in red and orange striped fabric; I think this was in the first room I entered, an indoor back porch. The house was generally very Victorian-looking, and some moderns probably would have called it cluttered.

Toward the end of the dream, I met caretakers who said I was welcome to stay as long as I wanted, and they left. Once I was the only person in the house, I realized it was dark and few if any lights were on. I may have explored some more.

A door opened and closed by itself, and as I wandered from one room to another, I saw a ghostly hand, apparently of a lady in a gown from the 1870s, with ruffled lace above the hand. But I think I only saw the hand and the lace, despite what I just described.

I think a door creaked and slammed behind me, while I was in a small room with paraphernalia all over. All the stuff was antique but not especially decorative and not organized like the rest of the house. I was weaving through stuff–a rocking horse, a watering pot, etc., and bumping into things as I attempted to cross the room to leave through what I hoped was an exit door. What during the day had been a delightful house was now sinister, confusing, and haunted. I felt as though ghosts were watching and maybe following me, and they didn’t want me there.