Skeleton from the Closet Ebook Available!

12 Oct

BookCoverPreview (1)

The ebook version of my magical realism novel, Skeleton from the Closet, is available beginning this Saturday! It’s only available on Kindle, for $3.99.

The print paperback should be available sometime next week…depending on when I receive the second proof and whether I make changes. I’m doing this a second time just to make absolutely sure the book looks good before it’s official. The first time I self-published a book, my dad went into hospice care and passed away when I was supposed to be proofreading, so I barely looked at the proof. This time, I want to get it right.


Haedrig’s Return

11 Oct


I finally have Haedrig, a very skittish cat, closed inside for the first time since spring. He’s officially not allowed out anymore (like he was in Portland). After we moved, he and Neko came in and out in the fall and winter like the other cats but blew me off again in the spring. I keep kicking myself because, in hindsight, I really should have shut that cat door in the winter rather than assuming they wouldn’t run off in the spring, in warmer weather. However, they were downright affectionate in fall in winter, so it didn’t occur to me.

Shortly before midnight last night, I was sitting on a stool in the kitchen, lights out, and facing the open window. For 2 days, I kept the window closed so that Haedrig couldn’t do his usual: sneak in, eat, and run out the moment I start moving toward him. Gabriel was about to jump out the window, when Haedrig appeared on the sill and spotted me. I sat very still, bowed my head, and pretended to fall asleep. He jumped down to the counter, and Gabriel jumped up to the window. I glanced up but lowered my head and again pretended to doze off…until I heard Haedrig jump to the floor. Then I lunged forward and closed the window/cat door.

He’s mostly been hiding upstairs. He’s acting like he did when I adopted him 2 years ago, so it’s like starting over again.

Self-Publishing Progress

10 Oct

In the small hours of the morning, I finished proofreading the interior for my magical realism novel, Skeleton from the Closet. Today I uploaded the latest version of the interior, made a few minor corrections, and uploaded it again. Next I took another look at the cover and made a slight alteration in the back cover copy; the final version of the cover is below.

Now that CreateSpace is reviewing the cover and interior of my novel Skeleton from the Closet, and I have to wait 24 hours, it’s time to get back to work on the other novel I’m self-publishing this month, Rowanwick Witches, Lesson 1: Spells and Enchantments. Fortunately, it’s a middle grade novel and is a lot shorter.

In about twenty-four hours, I’ll be able to finalize Skeleton on CreateSpace, and it’ll be available to purchase on by Saturday. Also in twenty-four hours, I’ll set up the Kindle version of the book.

More Dumplandia Bigotry

21 Sep

The overtly homophobic and transphobic Dump Administration is arguing at the Supreme Court that homophobic businesses should be allowed to deny service to LGBTQA people. Of course, if this were to pass and the bigot-businesses were open about their prejudice, then I for one would have no intention of being their customer.

Susan Warren wishes to pass the Equality Act, the polar opposite of what Dump and his minions are trying to do.

Homophobes are intimidated by people whose lifestyle is different from theirs, just as racists are intimidated by the same thing plus people who are a different skin tone than they are. So this really isn’t surprising. And we can’t forget that the Nazis targeted not only Jews but also homosexuals, Romany, and prostitutes.

Apparently, homophobes are so behind the times that they still say “gays” instead of “queer or genderqueer people” or “homosexuals, bisexuals, omnisexuals.” Of course, just the fact that they’re homophobes indicates that they’re out of touch with the times and with reality. And I don’t seriously expect them to embrace the terminology associated with queer studies; I suppose expecting them to say “queer rights” makes as much sense as expecting them to say “intersectionality” or “gender equality” in a respectful manner. There’s something weird and creepy about humanoids who are so arrogant, closed-minded, and bigoted that they’re against people who are not heterosexual and/or follow gender binary and probably don’t even think they have any right to exist or to be themselves.

But enough blogging; I need to write to my senators.

Adventures in Self-Publishing

20 Sep


I’m currently waiting for the printed proof of Skeleton from the Closet, a magical realism novel that I wrote years ago and recently decided to self-publish. Meanwhile, I got to work on uploading my middle grade novel, Rowanwick Witches, Lesson 1: Spells and Enchantments onto the CreateSpace page, and I’m working on its cover.

For the back cover copy of Rowanwick Witches:

Susan E. Wigget is obsessed with the supernatural and with old houses, especially if they’re haunted. She lives with five cats, four of whom are black. She wrote the ebook novella Witch’s Familiar and the magical realism novel Skeleton from the Closet.



Now the proof for Skeleton from the Closet has been shipped, and I finished up and ordered the proof for Spells and Enchantments.

I’m antsy to receive the proofs and review them. CreateSpace has the option of doing it online rather than in printed form, but I like visual aids: having a version of the book in my hand and writing in it and using sticky notes. The cover is a particular concern, even though I can also see that online; I want to see just how the images turn out. The printed version is exactly what the book looks like unless you make changes (which I’m sure to do).

Latest Letters to Senators

19 Sep

Some days I write two or three letters to my senators and representative, first composing them in MS Word and then handwriting them in triplicate. So many issues.

Dear Senator,

Interior Secretary Zinke and Donald Dump wish to shrink the national parks, including in Oregon. That is so extremely not okay. This is desecration and, as usual, greed and sociopathy on their parts.


Dear Senator,

Donald Dump and his minions are attempting to pass Dumpcare, a.k.a. Uncare, a.k.a. Wealthcare again. We must keep fighting these attempts to take away our healthcare and Planned Parenthood, until Dump is no longer squatting in the White House. We need to protect Planned Parenthood and the ACA from this overtly misogynistic and classist narcissistic sociopath. Oh, yeah, and a neo-Nazi. Bernie Sanders has the right idea: we need universal healthcare—the real thing.

Freaking out over Climate Crisis

8 Sep

I sent my senators and representative a letter:

Portland is snowing ash. Portland, Eugene, and other parts of Oregon have a sky like that in front of me: smoky and somewhat orange, with an eerie orange sun. For days, I have been smelling smoke. When I ventured outside yesterday—coughing, mind you—the public pool was closed due to the hazardous air quality, so I went to a nearby coffee shop, where several of the customers were wearing surgical masks. That reminded me of the handmade cloth masks I saw in Tibet.

I am absolutely FURIOUS that the narcissistic sociopath squatting in the White House pretends that climate change doesn’t exist and is an invention of the Chinese! Who from planet Earth doesn’t believe in climate change in the year 2017?!? This is proof that Donald Dump and his minions are aliens from another planet, probably Rexicoricus…whatever it’s called. Dump needs to be deported back to his planet.

We must take care of the planet we live on, Earth. We need a government that is proactive in driving back climate change in every way possible. We see it happening before our very eyes. Oregon is burning. Texas and Louisiana are drowning. We are seeing record high temperatures everywhere. Meanwhile, that heartless monster Donald Dump is fiddling.