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7 Jan

I live in a part of Oregon that usually doesn’t get enough snow to merit investing in sufficient snow plows, so when it does snow, three inches is enough to shut down the city. Recently we had a severe ice storm, and now we’re having what is locally known as Snowmaggedon or Snowpocalypse.

Now that freezing rain is coming down instead of snow, all the snow on my skylight slid off with a loud scraping sound. For a second, I thought the window was sliding open, even though it cranks open. I jumped, and my skittish cat Haedrig jumped and ran out of the room.

The cats and I haven’t left the house since the first snowfall…Wednesday, I think. It’s supposed to be forty-six degrees tomorrow afternoon. I shall venture outside if this truly happens…

It sounds like my spazzy Siamese mix Torte, Virginia, is rummaging in the crawl space. She’s so crazy. She’s a big, fluffy kitty, and this afternoon she was mewing while I washed the dishes. I looked up to see her trying to squeeze in between the top of the fridge and the bottom of a cupboard. All I saw was her big fluffy tail and her bloomers. She’s so crazy, but I entertained her with a bouncy rubber ball; she ran after it.

Virginia and her sister Vita are so into the outdoors. The past couple days, they’ve been doing the Mad Dash that housecats do…except they’ve been doing their version of the Mad Dash. They run all over the house, pound up and down the stairs, knock things over, and tackle each other. The tackling involves screams and hisses.