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Virginia’s Latest Gift

20 Jun

I was dreaming that my mother was still alive, and we had this basement workshop where we seemed to have a clothing-making business. My mother showed me a knit shirt that was russet and featured a photo-like picture in the center front, an antique photo of a Native American old woman. She said it appeared because I had the internet open to that page.

She chastised me for being into prints or patterns, and s he said we weren’t going to use those anymore. To demonstrate, she showed me a couple of sweaters…one of which was brown and white, in a pattern reminiscent of a trellis. I told her that’s a pattern, and she didn’t comment.

I woke to a cat meowing, and when I stepped into the hallway, I saw what appeared to be two dead rats. I got a couple of used cuppa soup cups to scoop them and take them outside…and noticed one of them moving as little. As I was scooping the first one, it really came to life…and although it was about the size of a small full-grown mouse, it seemed like a baby.

Neither was bleeding, that I could see, and they both turned out to be alive. I suspect that they’re baby rats or some other rodent. It fully sank it after I took them to the edge of the front yard. I hope they’ll be okay. I hope they’re not newborn possums. No, probably baby rats.

Gabriel was the only one who seemed particularly interested in them, which has a disturbing connotation, since he doesn’t normally bother rodents. It seemed more like something Vita or Virginia would do, though so far they’ve only brought me two mice, and they were both dead. Coming to think of it, they were about twice as big as these two, so maybe they’re large mice…or little rats. I think they weren’t moving much because they were in shock.


Slightly later

It’s Virginia. She just brought another one! Or she found where I put them. She seems to be gumming them.


Latest update: Virginia brought four baby rats total, all of which I took and put in bushes in a far corner of my front yard. Perhaps if I had been wide awake, I might have searched the back yard for a nest, or for rat parents.

Feline Dream

8 Jun

I dreamed that I lived in a small apartment with Cheetah (the elderly cat who died in 2015 at almost twenty years of age), another adult female cat, and a new kitten. Cheetah attacked the kitten or tried to, and I rescued the kitten. The apartment had a sliding glass door in back, and all the felines managed to slip out, and I went searching for them. Cheetah was angrily and slowly walking around. The kitten was clinging to the other cat and was the deep orange of a red guinea pig and may have turned into a guinea pig.

I was going to take a trip soon and decided to ask my mother to babysit the kitten so Cheetah wouldn’t be a threat. In the dream my mother lived nearby, I think in the same apartment building.

Great: both my dead cat and my dead mother in a dream.

Waking to Cats

18 May



I awoke to Virginia bathing my feet and Gabriel massaging my lower back. Kitty spa.

Now that I’m recovering from The Worst Virus in History, I’m feeling human again. Now and then, however, I still have horrible coughing fits. Having taken a break from life to rest and hack up phlegm, I’m ready to get back into writing and home improvements. Er, the home improvements can, well, start tomorrow.

My Cat Virginia’s Antics

28 Apr


(Photos: Virginia on the dashboard and Haedrig looking up at Virginia while she climbs a tree)

In the morning, I took two boxes of incense out of a clear plastic bin and carried them across the hallway to the meditation room. Virginia followed me. I keep the door closed, so she doesn’t pee on the rug, so entering that room is a special treat. She wandered around, mewing cheerfully and swishing her big, fluffy tail. She walked to the ceramic Siamese Buddha in the corner… and she bit the Buddha. I scooped her up, carried her out of the room, and closed the door.

I came home, parked the car, and opened the car door. Virginia promptly climbed into the car and jumped onto the dashboard, where she shifted around, eyed her surroundings with inquisitive mews, and bit the dashboard. Meanwhile, Gabriel also jumped into the car, but after some sniffing around he jumped back out. I had to carry out Virginia.

A few days before all this, Virginia was in the neighbor’s yard, so I walked toward her, and she ran up a tree. Meanwhile, Gabriel and Haedrig ran down the sidewalk after me. I found myself in the awkward position of standing in the next-door neighbor’s yard with two of my cats and coaxing a third cat out of a tree.

A House and a Swimming Cat

1 Apr


I dreamed that I was buying a huge and elaborate Victorian Queen Anne mansion that the entire family was going to live in (both my parents were still alive in the reality of the dream).

I was visiting the house while it was under major renovation; a contractor or someone had insisted that the entire upper floors needed to be rebuilt (I was thinking there may have been a fire). I wandered around inside a bit and heard a couple of male voices and figured they were working on the house and had no idea I was there. I felt like being secretive and, while I was in a second-floor hallway, headed for the stairs to sneak out…but someone who knew me called out to me, and I think it was my brother.

That may have been right before Francis and I were at the edge of a brook or some body of water, and we saw something floating toward us in the water. I was slow to realize it was my fluffy Siamese-mix cat, Virginia, floating on her back. Francis stared at her and said, “She’s purring!” I was anxious that she might drown, but he was right: she really was purring while floating.

She came steadily closer and reached the edge at our feet. That was a relief. He seemed in awe of her, a cat who floats and purrs while doing so.

I next remember sitting on a bench and looking up at the house while it was under construction. There was a brook or mote at my feet, separating me from the house and from several much smaller houses around the one I was going to buy.

Suddenly my mother was beside me in the bench. She wasn’t saying malicious, judgmental things; she was actually behaving. I think we talked about the progress of the house.

I saw something floating in the water toward us, and again it was Virginia floating on her back and purring, and I heard her clearly. I noticed close behind her was her sister, Vita, also floating on her back and purring. They joined us on the bench.

Next the four of us were wandering around inside the house. I noticed several red brocade, elaborately carved chairs and felt that more excited about the house. I thought about furnishing it and figured I’d sell my modern furniture and replace it with used and antique furniture more suitable for this house.

While we were still in the house, and I heard construction workers, I became concerned because I didn’t remember bringing Vita and Virginia in cat carriers. I figured my mother wouldn’t like to be in a car with two rambunctious cats wandering all over it, and I knew she wouldn’t approve. I recalled that since it was a dream, didn’t really come here in a car, and I woke up.


7 Jan

I live in a part of Oregon that usually doesn’t get enough snow to merit investing in sufficient snow plows, so when it does snow, three inches is enough to shut down the city. Recently we had a severe ice storm, and now we’re having what is locally known as Snowmaggedon or Snowpocalypse.

Now that freezing rain is coming down instead of snow, all the snow on my skylight slid off with a loud scraping sound. For a second, I thought the window was sliding open, even though it cranks open. I jumped, and my skittish cat Haedrig jumped and ran out of the room.

The cats and I haven’t left the house since the first snowfall…Wednesday, I think. It’s supposed to be forty-six degrees tomorrow afternoon. I shall venture outside if this truly happens…

It sounds like my spazzy Siamese mix Torte, Virginia, is rummaging in the crawl space. She’s so crazy. She’s a big, fluffy kitty, and this afternoon she was mewing while I washed the dishes. I looked up to see her trying to squeeze in between the top of the fridge and the bottom of a cupboard. All I saw was her big fluffy tail and her bloomers. She’s so crazy, but I entertained her with a bouncy rubber ball; she ran after it.

Virginia and her sister Vita are so into the outdoors. The past couple days, they’ve been doing the Mad Dash that housecats do…except they’ve been doing their version of the Mad Dash. They run all over the house, pound up and down the stairs, knock things over, and tackle each other. The tackling involves screams and hisses.