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5 May

On April 27, I had a dream in which I had two Native American friends, one female and one male, and I was helping them move to a city.

At some point in the dream, at least 2 of us were on a dark and urban street. I was trying to figure out exactly where their new address was. There was a lot of writing on a wall–addresses or address numbers were painted on an old brick wall, and I was trying to trace with a finger the exact spot, while a vehicle was parking right there in front of it. There was s strip of pink and purple paint, and I was murmuring the name of the street or apartment: Weatherplace, or something like that.

I dreamed that I had set up a video camera in my bedroom–this bedroom–and I was looking at video footage…and discovered that a baby coyote had been repeatedly curling up and sleeping at the foot of my bed. It was cute, but I figured it was getting in through the skylight, like my cats, and since this was a wild animal, that had to stop.

This evening I went to see a play that had a Native American theme—scenes with Lewis and Clark and modern scenes at Standing Rock. One of the characters was named Coyote…which is also the name of a Native trickster deity.