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Dream of Tiny Sea Monsters

21 Feb

I dreamed I was in the apartment at the back of my house, specifically the kitchenette, and I wanted drinking water. I was by the sink with a clear pitcher, and a mouse came out of nowhere and startled me. It charged at my feet—while I hastily backed away from it—before the rodent disappeared under the kitchen counter/sink. Maybe it was a small rat. I kept expecting to see it come up out of the sink’s drain.

I picked up the clear pitcher and filled it with tap water…only to notice creepy things swimming in the water, like giant slugs and small sea monsters or eels. One long one wiggling around in the water especially creeped me out. I dumped the water into the sink and poured again, in hopes that the sea monsters would clear away; it’s like how you turn on a faucet and rust comes out at first, but after a bit the water is clear. I saw another round of sea monsters, this time fewer and all small and yellow.


One of Those Disturbing Dreams

9 Feb

I dreamed that The Worst Frenemy in the Galaxy and I were still close, but suddenly she was giving me the silent treatment. I was confused and extremely worried, because I figured she must be in worse health than usual.

Since I was unable to get in contact with her otherwise, I went to her workplace. It looked like a post office. On the outside, it was a drab sand-colored stone building with a large gravel parking lot, and it appeared to be far from any other building. Inside, there was a long counter with several employees behind it, helping customers. Her station was the first one; I stood before it and waited for her.

She came out from the back and had purple shadows under her eyes and a very hurt expression–how she looked when I blew up at her on the desert in reaction to her cussing me out.

I talked to her as I often did when I was worried about her health (despite her continually accusing me of being aloof and not caring)—asking how she was doing and all. Other people were present, so maybe that was why she didn’t say much; or that combined with manipulation. I asked if her health was worse than usual, and she nodded, but she didn’t explain. I was genuinely showing concern, and this had to be obvious to her, but she kept that facial expression, the look you’d expect someone to give you if you killed their loved one. She gave monosyllabic responses. I finally said, “Well… get better. I’ll see you later,” or something like that, and left.

I had a sense at the end of the dream that that would be the last time I saw her, and back in the dessert-like parking lot, I felt some degree of relief.


I’ve been reading The Wizard of Oz and Other Narcissists and journaling in response; so maybe that’s enough for this dream. And I stopped at the post office recently.

Youth in Dreams

5 Feb

I dreamed that I was hanging out with a Nicaraguan family (I was a young, white female), and I became engaged to a member of the family. There were several brothers and at least a mother. My white family was furious and may have attempted to kill him or somehow get him deported. The setting was urban, with dark, old brick buildings, perhaps St. Louis.

It really does bother me that I so often dream that I’m in my twenties. What’s up with that? Am I subconsciously ageist? Do I subconsciously buy into the cult of youth that is surely a part of why women over the age of forty (such as myself) are treated like we’re invisible? Don’t get me wrong: as a child, I willed myself to be invisible, so that bullies would let me be; furthermore, even though I know the motivation is ageist and sexist, I like being “invisible” now, because it’s far better than street harassment and such.

But back to dreams and youth. Maybe it’s because of some significance to what was going on with me in my twenties. I certainly hope having so many dreams in which I’m a woman in my twenties doesn’t mean that’s my psychological maturity level! I don’t think it is, especially now that I’m aware I’m an empath, and after what I’ve gone through in recent years.

Women in their forties and older in U. S. media and pop culture are largely invisible much the same way that I have seemingly become invisible since I turned forty. Perhaps instead of embracing this cult of youth, I’m merely subconsciously inhaling it, incorporating all this youth in my dreams because older women and less conventionally attractive women are rarely portrayed in U. S. media and pop culture.

Hippies, Apartments, Cats

28 Jan

I dreamed that I was one of three friends in our twenties–they were a pair of blond hippies, one a tall and slender male with long hair and a beard, and maybe they were a couple. We had plans to meet up at a restaurant, and I got there first and was sitting at a round table and picturing them and thinking of them. The restaurant was kind of crowded, and there was a large group right behind me. I thought about how people tended to disapprove of the three of us, because of our insistence on hanging out together, only three of us, and not joining larger groups.

I think I had a dream set in a theater. Yes, I went in through a side door and was in a dark hallway….

I had a dream in which I lived in a charming old apartment like in St. Louis but much larger, with guest rooms. I was outdoors chatting with someone, when I noticed–I think through a chain-link fence–that my cats Vita and Virginia got outdoors. So I excused myself and headed back to my apartment, went inside, and went in the back yard.


Next I was inside and seeing the many doorways of the apartment. It had hardwood floors and white walls and old-fashioned paneled, white doors. I got to the back door, which strangely was ajar. Outside, I spotted Virginia again right away; it was a small yard, and she was in the center. But she was with a little grey tabby kitten instead of Vita. There was a deep hole, and down inside the hole was a woman wearing a work helmet. She was suspended from a rope.

The kitten ran for the hole and fell in, past the woman, to my utter horror. But it was okay and came back up, and I picked the kitten up off the grass and felt very relieved and converses a bit about it with the woman, but without mentioning this wasn’t my kitten. It was a little weird–I acted as though this were my kitten.

Back from the Dead

31 Dec

I dreamed that Cheetah came back from the dead.


She was a feisty grey tabby who lived with me for two decades. She passed away on January 16, 2016.

In the dream, I lived in what looked like my parents’ house—the house that was recently sold. At least, it looked just like it, and the neighborhood resembled that neighborhood.

I had just flown back home from Phoenix and was walking down Smoke Road to the house. It was bright and sunny outside, with a bright blue sky, and I was surprised it wasn’t cold and snowy and was relieved, too, since I’d gotten accustomed to the Phoenix weather.

At the house, I was in the kitchen and again struck by how bright and sunny it was, how bright blue the sky was as seen through the sliding glass doors, and how comfortable the temperature was, how similar the weather was to Phoenix this time of year. None of the anticipated snow and ice. My cats, the ones I now live with, I think were there, at the house.

I went into a cluttered room, I think a bedroom, and there was a couch with a bunch of blankets on it. I reached into the blankets and pulled out…a perfectly healthy Cheetah. In the reality of the dream, I knew she had been buried in the ground and had come back to life the previous day, had climbed up out of the ground on her own. She seemed young again and perfectly healthy, and she didn’t object when I picked her up and cuddled her. She seemed like a much more mellow version of Cheetah.

After I woke up, I lay there in shock, as it sank in that I had just dreamed that my old cat, Cheetah, came back from the dead.

Sinister House

28 Dec

I had a dark dream, very grey and rainy, in which I lived in a big, old house with an eerie atmosphere. The energy seemed…a bit off. It was a two-story house with numerous many-paned windows, and I didn’t have access to part of the house because somebody else was living there. It may have been raining. I spoke to someone, perhaps a neighbor, before going inside.

I was upstairs, trying to figure out how to rearrange a messy, cluttered room, when I instinctively knew that someone sinister and evil was outdoors and wanted to break into my house. I decided to be extremely quiet and stay in that one upstairs room.

Of Purple Plants and Dodgy Dudes

23 Dec

I dreamed about a weird situation. There was a young woman who was, I think, a nurse at a hospital, and she’d caught the attention of two prospective husbands, one whom she found attractive, and the other was more or less Stu Barnhill, a barbaric misogynist. With encouragement from a friend, she decided she’d pretend she lived at this house that her cousin owned, but she had to ask her cousin for permission to stay there a second time (having done so the previous weekend because something was wrong with her apartment). But she wasn’t friends with this cousin and wasn’t comfortable with him (he was my cousin Andy), so she wasn’t looking forward to this.

There may have been something about my impersonating her for the bad suitor, because her friend was showing me her plants in front of her apartment, and there was something about how she in particular prized these purple plants. One of them was growing right out of the brick in front of her front stoop, and so while I was chatting with her friend, I did some weeding…and pulled that purple plant out of the brick right before realizing what I’d done, that it was her favorite plant. Feeling guilty and appalled, I tried to attach the plant back, and it seemingly magically worked.

After waking, I recalled that I’d seen that same kind of plant next to the front stoop at my brother’s in-laws’ house.