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A Skunk, an Armadillo, and a Sloth

28 May

I dreamed I was a student and couldn’t remember my schedule. Some stuff happened to make me not attend classes–now I can’t remember. Everyone ended up with denim jackets that they decorated in different ways. I don’t remember why, but I tore mine straight down the center back near the entrance to a classroom (I was in the room with many other students). I then put on a different jacket with big pockets and put on a hat, maybe my Himalayan hat, before I went into the hallway.

When I was finally done with all that, I was walking around a wide hallway and passing random people and, still walking, reached for my schedule in my pocket. I had a Dachshund in my pocket or tucked under my arm, so it was hard to get to my schedule.

I stepped through glass double doors into a hexagonal room from which there were various corridors branching off. Other students walked by, and someone may have been doing construction. I realized I had to stop walking if I was going to look at my schedule. So I started reading the piece of paper from my pocket, but it didn’t say anything about my schedule for the rest of the day. I thought I must not have any classes that day.

Next, I was outdoors, in a park. I was approaching picnic tables where students I knew sat. I sat down at one bench, and a friendly little black animal walked over to me. I petted it once–and noticed the white stripes of a skunk on its back. It was definitely a skunk and even smelled like one. Startled, I got up, saying, “Oh, it’s a skunk!” The person sitting at the same table, to my left, got up, and we both walked toward another table, where more people sat. People were laughing and exclaiming about the skunk.

I talked about it, saying I didn’t at first know it was a skunk. I added, “It was so friendly.”

One young blond woman peered at me suspiciously. “You touched your face afterwards?”

Feeling appalled and embarrassed, I tried to remember. “I don’t think so.” I tried to convince myself that I didn’t touch my face after touching the skunk, and I thought about hand sanitizer and didn’t think I had any with me.

Soon a couple of people and I occupied—at least, I stood by it—another picnic bench, just past the first one (where I met a skunk). We were talking, and I put down my bag, jacket, and Indian shawl–also maybe a hat.

An armadillo appeared on the table and started walking toward me.

Someone said, “Don’t pet that, too.”

I backed away, and the armadillo turned into a sloth. It kept picking up my stuff with its long arms, and I kept trying to get my stuff from it. I ended up putting the jacket and all back on.


Great—the armadillo has to do with not letting go, not moving on. That’s tied in with the skunk symbolism, in that I have terrible memories of socially making an ass of myself, and the skunk represents repelling people or being afraid of doing so.