Archive | September, 2019
16 Sep

Today’s Asshole Award goes to Donald Dump and his administration…and Czar Vlad Poopin’…and to all dictators…but of course, they win every day’s Asshole Award.

In addition to the usual, I’m adding someone I caught in the act today.

Punchy mood, I guess. I took lots of plastic bags to Fred Meyer and put them in the plastic recycling bin. I sat on a bench and replied to an email, and just as I was about to get up, a dude approached the recycle bin, lifted a handful of plastic bags, and slipped his used paper coffee cup into the bottom of the bin. The bin is an inch away from a trash receptacle.

My hackles raised, I muttered, “Asshole.”

After he started walking away, I glared at the bin and got up while considering removing his cup and placing it in the trash. I scowled at his back, and he turned and looked at me with surprise. Yeah, buddy, I saw what you did.

I know people are doing much worse things in the world, but I take recycling very seriously, and this jerk has no moral compass. Furthermore, people like him are why China no longer accepts Oregon’s recyclables.