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Take Action Tuesday, Week Two

31 Jan



During today’s rally by the courthouse–which is located at a busy intersection–we had some entertainment. A white male slowed down more or less to a stop in the center of the wide intersection in order to repeatedly scream, “FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!” while leaning toward his window and waving his long, skinny arms around and giving us the finger. If this lunatic was attempting to prove my theory that the only people who continue to support Donald Dump are morons, sociopaths, and/or psychotic humanoids, he succeeded.

That said, we received a great many waves and honks from drivers.


After attending what will likely be a weekly rally at the courthouse, I hand wrote two copies of a brief letter:

Dear Senator,

Thank you for opposing Trump’s unqualified nominees. They are almost as incompetent as he. This has all felt like a satirical, dystopian novel.

On the topic of incompetence, I wonder if you can participate in impeaching Donald Trump. Another option is using Amendment 25: he is mentally incompetent; his actions at least since the inauguration have proved that he is psychotic and has at least two personality disorders: anti-social and narcissist. His behavior is a mixture of absurd…and terrifying.aefvi-ih0mcbihby8o4rmqyco3apxd1ehbpkoo2f8ospx92ib

Snow. Still.

9 Jan


Let’s try hypnotizing snow to make it melt.
You will melt. You are melting. You like melting. You wish to be water.
Okay, I really need to leave the house tomorrow…

The weather report claimed it would be 47 degrees at 4 pm, but it was only 33. Above freezing, certainly, but not enough to melt a significant amount of snow and/or ice. If anything, the fresh rain coming down would no doubt turn into additional ice. I ventured outdoors but not beyond my driveway; I mostly uncovered my car, for the hundredth time wished I had a snow shovel, and checked the trash and yard waste trolleys to confirm that after nearly a week, they remained full.

Today I learned that if you buy a house and haven’t lived in a house in a long time, depending on the climate, one of the first items you should purchase is a snow shovel. This remains true even if you move in summer, because you never know how many times you’ll keep forgetting and/or procrastinating.

Well, I meant to include a photo, but that strangely isn’t happening. Technology is highly overrated.



7 Jan

I live in a part of Oregon that usually doesn’t get enough snow to merit investing in sufficient snow plows, so when it does snow, three inches is enough to shut down the city. Recently we had a severe ice storm, and now we’re having what is locally known as Snowmaggedon or Snowpocalypse.

Now that freezing rain is coming down instead of snow, all the snow on my skylight slid off with a loud scraping sound. For a second, I thought the window was sliding open, even though it cranks open. I jumped, and my skittish cat Haedrig jumped and ran out of the room.

The cats and I haven’t left the house since the first snowfall…Wednesday, I think. It’s supposed to be forty-six degrees tomorrow afternoon. I shall venture outside if this truly happens…

It sounds like my spazzy Siamese mix Torte, Virginia, is rummaging in the crawl space. She’s so crazy. She’s a big, fluffy kitty, and this afternoon she was mewing while I washed the dishes. I looked up to see her trying to squeeze in between the top of the fridge and the bottom of a cupboard. All I saw was her big fluffy tail and her bloomers. She’s so crazy, but I entertained her with a bouncy rubber ball; she ran after it.

Virginia and her sister Vita are so into the outdoors. The past couple days, they’ve been doing the Mad Dash that housecats do…except they’ve been doing their version of the Mad Dash. They run all over the house, pound up and down the stairs, knock things over, and tackle each other. The tackling involves screams and hisses.

The Return of the Missing Cool Cat

2 Jan

Gabriel was missing for five days. I actually cried on New Year’s Day, hardly a celebratory occasion with this fear that Gabriel would never return and might be dead.

But I just found him! I was collecting branches in the yard, and there he was on the front porch, eating food I left out for strays. I picked him up and carried him inside. He ate heartily. Now he’s purring in my lap; errands and projects can wait.

The temperature is in the thirties, so I’m going to try keeping all the cats inside as long as I can. Gabriel is the only one who was a stray for about a year before I adopted him. The youngest, Virginia and Vita, were four months old when I adopted them, but they were already accustomed to spending a lot of time outdoors. I kept them in for the first couple months…until Virginia started howling at the door.