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Real Neat Blog

22 Feb


The creator of a wonderful blog I follow, Dear Kitty, has kindly nominated my blog, S. E. Wigget, for the Real Neat Blog Award. Thanks for doing this! You’re a lot more tech savvy than I am and have a more prolific blog, accessible here:

The ‘rules’ of the Real Neat Blog Award are: (feel free not to act upon them if you don’t have time; or don’t accept awards; etc.):

  1. Put the award logo on your blog.
  2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  3. Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.
  4. Nominate any number of bloggers  you like, linking to their blogs.
  5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)

The questions are:

  1. How do you advertise your blog to others?

I share links to it on Facebook and Twitter, and I share the link when I’m querying literary agents.

  1. How long do you spend blogging per week?

It varies drastically. Sometimes I spend several hours in one day adding numerous blog posts and back-dating some of them. Sometimes I spend about one hour blogging and do so several days in one week. Other weeks, I don’t blog at all, which could be a good sign, if it means I’m more focused on my fiction writing.

  1. How many posts do you post per week, on average?

Between one and four.

  1. Which of your posts is your favorite so far?

I’m partial to my dream descriptions in general, or posts in which I’m writing about the process of writing.

  1. Why did you choose to create the blog you did?

When I was studying publishing in grad school seven years ago, I learned about blogs as a tool for promoting your writing, so I decided to create a blog for that purpose. Basically, I read that authors are expected to have blogs nowadays, so I went ahead and created this one.

  1. Are pictures or words more important to you? Or are they equally important?

The words are more important on my blog. On Instagram, it’s the reverse.


My nominees are:

  1. Dear Kitty. Some blog
  2. Ebony Astor, Carolyn Petit, and Anita Sarkeesian: Feminist Frequency
  3. Thought Catalog,
  4. Siggy, The Asexual Agenda
  5. Shannon Bolithoe: A Writing Life
  6. Krista and Dawlyn, Little Blind Book Finds
  7. Equal Justice Society,
  8. Everyday Feminism,
  9. Sewcialists,
  10. Simply Syd: A Guide to Black Girl Magic,

Dream of Tiny Sea Monsters

21 Feb

I dreamed I was in the apartment at the back of my house, specifically the kitchenette, and I wanted drinking water. I was by the sink with a clear pitcher, and a mouse came out of nowhere and startled me. It charged at my feet—while I hastily backed away from it—before the rodent disappeared under the kitchen counter/sink. Maybe it was a small rat. I kept expecting to see it come up out of the sink’s drain.

I picked up the clear pitcher and filled it with tap water…only to notice creepy things swimming in the water, like giant slugs and small sea monsters or eels. One long one wiggling around in the water especially creeped me out. I dumped the water into the sink and poured again, in hopes that the sea monsters would clear away; it’s like how you turn on a faucet and rust comes out at first, but after a bit the water is clear. I saw another round of sea monsters, this time fewer and all small and yellow.

Gun Control Letter

20 Feb

Dear Senator,

My sixteen-year-old nephew goes to high school in Phoenix, a city where open-carry is legal. I don’t want his school to be the next one where some self-entitled jerk with toxic masculinity, poor anger management skills, and a gun barges in and kills a bunch of kids. The purpose of school is education, not sudden and violent death.

The disastrous combination of anger and weapons, not mental illness, Muslims, brown people, or any other scapegoat, is what kills… when uncontrolled and accompanied by weapons. Males in our society (unlike females) are taught that anger is the one emotion they’re allowed to express—uninhibited. They’re taught that they’re entitled to take this anger out on others however they want, even if that means beating their family or committing mass murder.

Meanwhile, creeps with toxic masculinity have easy access to guns, including military assault weapons, thanks to politicians such as Donald Dump and Paul Ryan, accept huge funds from the NRA. The NRA has bought the government.

Making it easy for these jerks, some of whom are white supremacists, to access weapons isn’t okay. It’s past time this insane and backward country bans assault weapons and stops selling weapons to anyone who has money and wishes to buy them. Regular shootings don’t happen in other countries, because they have something called gun control, not greedy and empathy-less patriarchal politicians financially supported by the NRA.

The Accidental Parrot’s Writing Style

18 Feb

I began mentally composing something to blog that sounded a bit too much in the style of Phoebe Robinson, author of You Can’t Touch my Hair, a hilarious essay collection I just read. Of course, I don’t mean to imply that I’m as skilled at writing humor as she is or that many people understand my humor; it’s simply that I caught myself mentally writing something subconsciously similar.

I’ve occasionally noticed an odd tendency of mine: if I’ve been reading something by Oscar Wilde, I can write a bit like Oscar Wilde and tend to have witty thoughts that sound like something he would have said or written. And then there was the time I wrote a gothic novel after and during reading gothic novels, and I accidentally wrote the first draft in a style much like that of the eighteenth-century novelist Anne Radcliffe, something few modern readers would appreciate. (I’m typing these words in Baskerville Old Face, which was fashionable in Anne Radcliffe’s day.)

Time Travel Can Be Confusing

17 Feb

In the middle of January, it sank into my consciousness that this is the year 2018. It is already one hundred years since the year 1918. I could swear it was only yesterday when Prince Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, but here it is over a hundred years since then!

I Googled “end WWI” and learned that the end of World War I was November 11, 2018. I wonder if many people will comment on that in social media or if there’ll be an article or blog about it.


I have a Folkwear pattern for an Armistice blouse, in addition to numerous other 1910s-style clothing patterns, so hopefully I’ll have made at least one outfit from that era, including of course the Armistice blouse. I’ve been feeling like dressing like a suffragist, which is why I have these patterns (and fabric) accumulating of late, never mind that I have trouble completing projects and tend to procrastinate a great deal.

Fire them All

16 Feb

These are the bodies of two letters I just wrote to my senators and representative:


The second in charge of the EPA (formerly the Environmental Protection Agency, now the Environmental Persecution Agenda) has a history of lobbying for, not against, the coal industry. Um, dystopia much?! How is it that Dump gets away with invariably hiring monsters who are the extreme opposite of people who are qualified for the job? They all need to be fired. Dump’s undermining of the United States by hiring these people is further proof that he has no respect for our country and doesn’t belong in the White House but in prison.

This hater of planet Earth, Andrew Wheeler, is a bully who’s on the side of corporate polluters, not someone who should be working for the EPA.

The foxes are watching the hen house.

Andrew Wheeler clearly needs to be fired.

Jeff Sessions doesn’t give the hair on a donkey’s chin for justice and should therefore be fired from his position of Attorney General. There’s nothing “general” about what he represents. He doesn’t even hide the fact that he’s a white supremacist! Sure, this is common since the disastrous November 2016 election, but he’s in the position of Attorney General of the country formerly known as the United States. He’s overtly xenophobic, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and transphobic. The ACLU and over 2,000 lawyers have filed bar complaints in Alabama against this bigot, who has the power to do a great deal of harm to people who don’t have his privileges. Do your part in not allowing bigots like Jeff Sessions be normalized, and do what you can to get him fired.


14 Feb

When I was an undergraduate, on Valentine’s Day I was once in a little office with two or three other students, and we were all collating papers for something that escapes my memory. We may have, in addition to sorting the papers into a certain order, folding them and slipping them into envelopes and then sealing said envelopes; certainly, I’ve done that kind of volunteer work for nonprofits.

Since it was Valentine’s Day, the other students were sad that they didn’t have dates. Much as I’ve always loved romantic nineteenth-century literature, even back then I was happy to be single, but I kept that to myself.

We agreed that having chocolate would be a great consolation. One, maybe two, of us went to a supermarket and came back with a gallon of the most hedonistic chocolate ice cream they could find, probably Rocky Road.

About twenty-five years later, this month I was at a supermarket and spotted Coconut Bliss non-dairy ice cream for sale and bought myself not one but two pints of Chocolate Fudge Brownie (and finished one pint before Valentine’s Day). Thus, I’m continuing a tradition of pretending to feel lonely on Valentine’s Day, so I can indulge in my chocolate addiction.

Meanwhile, the anniversary of my dad’s birthday is coming up on February 16th. That only occurred to me yesterday. Bereavement anniversaries bring… things… up. “Things” often meaning a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Memories are another thing. I shouldn’t suppress grief but should mindfully observe it, or so I tell myself. Still, I might do something self-indulgent that day, such as watch a movie or attend a ghost convention.